How to Cultivate a Productive Mindset (video inside)

Did you catch this?
Yesterday, I interviewed six Bestseller in a Weekend™ alum and clients, who are experts in leadership, empathy, and productivity to share their insights on what makes one productive.
If you didn’t have a chance to watch, here’s the replay.

The interview covered the importance of logistics behind productivity, like business structure, calendaring and goal forecasts. Yet, we delved deep into the brain science behind productivity, such as “Why-Power” versus “Will-power”, Doubling-down on your Genius, and How a momentous, high-performing life doesn’t necessarily make you happy.
I’d like to thank authors Dr. Mark Goulston, Karen Logan, Timothy Carroll, Marja Norris, and Tony Chatman for their generous insights.
As always, dedicated to your success..
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