Un-Networking – 3 Tips

Un-Networking 3 Tips
There’s a difference between networking and relationship-ing.
But first a back story…
This past Saturday evening, I was on a flight from Geneva, Switzerland to London, England, and I stumbled across an article on networking in the British Airways business magazine. The article called out the importance of “Networking Like There’s No Tomorrow.”
When I close my eyes and visual “Networking Like There’s No Tomorrow,” I imagine a whole bunch of people running around handing out business cards with of sense of urgency and desperation. I’m positive this wasn’t the intent of the article, but that’s the vision that ensued.
And, to tell you the truth, that person was once me…
Can you relate?
And this made me think…
I don’t need to know more people… I just get to delve deeper with the people that I know.
That’s where the difference between networking and relationship-ing comes in…
What would your life and business look like if you S L O W E D down, and created intimate connections with the people you already know?
Think of it this way, Instead of going one mile wide, go one mile deep.
This concept is particularly close to my heart now, as, if you know me personally, I’m currently creating a connection meeting with one of my clients and Pope Sir Francis. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling journey thus far, as it’s created a beautiful connection between me and my client, has led to exquisite dinners and meetings, and yet feels intentional and vision-led.
With that, I wanted to share with you 5 Tips to “un-network” and create everlasting business relationships.

  1. There’s no substitute for Face-to-Face. I’m sure we all figured out that social media has its limits, and the verdict is still out if it has caused more disconnection than connection. I have personally benefited from social media in connecting with new clients, friends, and colleagues, but it requires going above and beyond LIKING their Facebook status or Instagram Photo. Go offline and connect with people face-to-face. Small dinner parties or larger mixers are a great way to connect. Connecting with people via Skype or video chat is a great alternative. Remember, “if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.” You are responsible for creating these connection opportunities.
  2. Business partners as Friends. Mixing business and friendship can be slightly controversial, but it absolutely can be done. I say, focus on connection over currency. Put the money conversations on the back burner – make it a non-issue. Focus on long-term partnership versus transaction. Spending time together socially is important for these relationships. As Tony Robbins says, “The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.”
  3. Top 10/Top 150 Circles. Evolutionary anthropologist Robin Dunbar says our brains aren’t big enough to cope with maintaining over 150 meaningful relationships. So, I look at it this way: Your Top 10, or inner circle, consists of your family, closest friends and colleagues that you speak to on a daily or weekly basis. Your Top “150”, or your next level circle, are people you perhaps reach out by personal email or text to invite to a party of event. Remember, these circles are dynamic and ever-evolving. Also, reach out to your Top “150” just because… people always love a personal note or phone call.

Please share this blog if you found it helpful, and feel free to reply back to share your thoughts. If you want to schedule a strategy session on how writing a book can open opportunities for speaking and media – which will definitely open up your network – you can schedule here.

Alicia Dunams
CEO of Bestseller in a Weekend®, The Book Funnel™, and Authoring Leadership

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