Disrupting Mediocrity – 6 Ways

Earlier this week, a longtime client of mine asked me to have a strategy session with his 17 year old son. Although his multilingual son maintains great academic standing, with a 4.2 GPA, they decided writing a book would be advantageous in the college application process.
I mentioned to my client that there are several ways to overcome medocrity or that feeling like you floating in the “murky middle” of life. (Although a 4.2 may not be average amongst all high school seniors in the United States, it would be “average” amongst the students who apply to universities like Stanford, Berkeley etc.)
Do you feel you have hit a ceiling? Are you feeling mediocre in your career or life? Are those game-changing goals on your visualization board or “to-do” list feeling unattainable? If so, take a look at this 6-step action plan to disrupt mediocrity in your life and business.

  1. Awareness. First get grounded. Be aware of where you currently stand, be grateful, and recognize there is room to grow. Research steps to get where you want. Perhaps that’s writing a book or book proposal. Enrolling in a high-end mastermind. Investing in a table at a charity event where you will meet influencers or celebrities.
  2. Excellence. Complete tasks in excellence. Be all in or not at all. Don’t look at this task or project as a means to an end. Be present with it and enjoy the process. In a crowded marketplace, products and services that are in excellence stand out.
  3. Storytelling. Personally, the reason I’m writing this blog is recently I hit a block in my career and life, and realized if I continue doing what I’m doing I will achieve a default future, versus a sourced future. So on my current trip to Europe, I completed my book proposal that I’ve been working on for over two years. I always say “by doing acts of esteem we improve our self esteem.” By the way, I just shared a bit of my story to share the power of storytelling – our individual stories make us unique.
  4. Brand building. Brands stand out. Create a brand around your methodology, system or services. Every week I meet people who have heard of Bestseller in a Weekend®. If it was just a book writing program I didn’t brand, it would get lost in the noise.
  5. First to market. Microsoft was first to market, and although it’s currently not the market leader when it comes to technology companies, they led the way. Leading the way is a way to stand out. Follow the road less traveled.
  6. Double-down on your genius. Stay in your lane and focus on your genius. What are your strengths? What doesn’t feel like ‘work’ for you? What do people know you for? My strengths are facilitating live and connecting with people. I also love creating and holding space for people to shine. So I’m focusing on doing more of that…

Whatever stage you are at, always be grateful of where you are and look at the gap as an opportunity.
Excited to be with you on the journey!
If you are writing a book, or thinking about writing one, and need a gameplan, or want to host Bestseller in a Weekend® in your community, schedule a one-on-one strategy session. I look forward to connecting.

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