Would you rather be cherished or respected?

Earlier this month, I attended a lecture by Dr. Pat Allen, world-renowned relationship expert and the author of Getting to “I Do.”
She started her seminar with the following question:
Would you rather be cherished or respected?
The audience murmured as they mouthed their answer to themselves and/or an interested neighbor.
Her question set the intention and direction for the rest of the seminar. (BTW, Dr. Allen is 84 years old and still facilitating monthly lectures!)
Questions trigger a mental reflex called instinctive elaboration. When a question is posed, our brain is hard wired to answer it instantly – and can’t contemplate anything else until it does!
Additionally, questions:

  • Break the ice.
  • Trigger serotonin release/relax the brain.
  • Create introspection and focused attention.

Business owners, corporate leaders, meeting facilitators, coaches, mentors etc. who want breakthrough results will be skilled in the practice of asking questions.
So, what’s your one question?
It has been said that the quality of your questions will determine the quality of the conversation.
Marie Kondo, bestselling author and international home organizing guru, ask her clients:
Does this spark joy?
(As a way to assess an item before deciding to keep or throw out.)
Personally, here are a few examples of questions I seek answers to daily.
For example, for my book coaching business, I ask:
What do you want to accomplish by writing a book?
When I facilitate my “I Get To” corporate communication trainings, I start by asking:
Do you feel the quality of your words determine the quality of your life?
When I close a coaching session or training, I ask:
What opened up for you?
Important to note, that the way you ask questions and the tone you use will influence the answers you receive. Happy asking!
Dedicated to you,
Alicia Dunams
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