New Sexual Harassment Training for the #MeToo Era

The roadmap for managing and preventing workplace harassment is always changing. Now in the wake of the #MeToo movement, all workplace leaders, trainers, and engaged employees demand new, and more effective sexual harassment programs. The status quo is not working because traditional trainers, including law firms, have focused on compliance and risk management. This trend has contributed to missed opportunities to engage in new and more effective training to break the silence surrounding reporting workplace harassment and to create harassment-free workplaces.
The #MeToo movement makes clear that to meet the demand to eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace, law firms as trainers, corporate leaders, government entities, Board of Directors, employee alliance groups, and individual employees have an unprecedented need today for comprehensive and integrated training platforms that move beyond risk management.
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Yes, I Will Talk, is a proven, cutting-edge interactive, prevention, intervention, and workplace sexual harassment training program that delivers an interdisciplinary training program that moves beyond mere compliance to building compliance to creating a harassment-free workplace. Merging both compliance, risk management and a review of prevailing state and federal law, with leadership and communication skills, this training program trains in assisting participants actively invest in being of crafting a culture of respect, devising fair conflict resolutions, and building a sense of safety in the workplace.
Raye Mitchell, Esq. and Alicia Dunams, nationally recognized innovative training experts focused on building effective organizations and teams lead this workshop on mastering sexual harassment and driving innovation in the development of new solution and prevention models serve as the lead faculty for this program.
Yes, I Will Talk┬áis one of many training programs developed and customized to meet the needs of the client in today’s changing environment, is focused on utilizing the power of words and healthy conversations as central components of an effective harassment prevention program. This program provides an overview of the process and journey of addressing sexual harassment in the era of #MeToo and beyond.
To learn more about these trainings, receive a sample agenda and schedule, please take a moment to reply back and we’ll promptly provide you with more information.

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