Point a finger? Or point the way.

Yesterday I was in New York City conducting a full-day training on “How to Master Your Thinking… for Peak Performance and Powerful Partnerships.”
Actually, that’s not the name of the training.
It’s real name is “Unconscious Bias.”
And after doing a slew of these trainings over the last few years, my experience is no one is overly enthused about attending.
In fact, companies/organizations/institutions usually institute these trainings after there has been a problem, perhaps a “caught on camera” public relations crisis.
As employees and managers enter the room, there’s usually a palpable feeling of being forced to attend; often coupled with shut down body language.
What does this have to do with you?
Whether you are a speaker, trainer, thought leader, or entrepreneur, I invite you to focus on real-time solutions vs. problems as your signature delivery (ie, keynote, trainings, coaching, services.)

  • Instead of pointing a finger (problem=shame)… point the way (solution=change).
  • Empower your clients/audience with skills-based solutions that they can utilize to grow in the moment. (Real-time results)
  • Focus on Creating Solutions vs. Avoiding Problems (What you focus on grows)
  • Problems are just peak performance opportunities in disguise. (Turn obstacles into opportunities)

As always, to your success!

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