Up in smoke.

As many of you know, I’m traveling this summer. I’m currently in Greece where 37% of the population smokes cigarettes.
Coming from California, and a town where you can’t even smoke outside, this was quite a change.
During a taxi ride, the driver asked if I minded if he smoked (with his cigarette freshly lit). I said, “Ah yeah…” and before I even finished my sentence he said, “No worries, I’ll just stick it out the window.”
Window or not… Smoke Floats! 🙂
You know what else does…?
Your Energy!
Our energy enters the room with us, and can leave a lasting impact on others, an environment or organization.
Just like smoke, your energy is not confined to a certain person or space. Energy permeates, travels, and creates ripple-effect impact.
Case in point…

  • If you bring frenetic energy into a room… it may cause anxiety in others.
  • If you bring angry energy into an environment… it may create fear or escalated anger.
  • If you bring calm energy into a room… it can create peace.

Your energy creates a lasting impact that is still in effect even after you leave a room.
So how can you manage your energy?

  1. Self Awareness. What is giving me energy? What energy am I emitting?
  2. Breathe work. Create balance by taking 3 deep breaths. Get grounded on how you want to show up.
  3. Set the Tone. What impact and tone do you want to create in the setting? Verbalize an “I am” affirmation. Set the intention around what energy you want to create.

And, ask yourself this question, “What feeling do I want to leave behind (when I leave this space, environment or person)?

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