Ready to get the story behind the story? Get up close and personal to the world’s top authors, including Amazon, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers, as they share the real scoop behind writing a book and the power of the personal story. Join Alicia Dunams, founder of Bestseller in a Weekend, as she hosts Authoring Life, the show that delivers perspective and possibility from the pages of real life.



AL 63 | Ignite A Shift
  It’s easy to point a finger when something goes wrong. It’s easy to pin the blame on someone else, especially when we give directions, but the outcome is not
AL 62 | Leadership Habits
  What habits do leaders need to build during turbulent times? Ali Grovue takes a deep look at this on her new book, Rise Up: Leadership Habits for Turbulent Times,
AL 61 | Love Your Career
  Learn how to embrace your work and love your career even in the rough times. Look back at your career and find the parts that you enjoy. Relive those
AL 60 | Life After Yes
  Some authors are called to use their passion for writing to address a huge problem and invite other people to take action. Marisol Rodriguez is one such writer, and
AL 59 Rick | Straight Talk
  Faulty and toxic communication are some of the biggest reasons for employees to leave a company. Leaders need to straight talk while being respectful. These communication and listening skills
AL 58 | Corporate Innovation
  Innovation is often seen as the realm of startups, and corporate innovation is not something that rolls off the tongue very easily. Andrew Binns knows this shouldn’t necessarily be
AL 57 | Apollo 8
  The Apollo 8 flight was renown in history as the first human spaceflight to reach the moon. The mission’s success was a great story itself, but behind it is
AL 56 | Lead Amid Disruption
  Leading a team amid disruption and chaos is a challenge that leaders constantly go through in the face of ever-changing markets and environments. Here to help you navigate that
AL 55 | The Goddess Of Go-Getting
  The Goddess of Go-Getting is the new book of Rita Kakati-Shah. It talks about looking at the world through a different lens and how you bring your unique self out. So
AL 54 | Single Women
  Society often sees single women as struggling individuals when building wealth. They have no partner to provide for them, so everyone assumes they work hard to make ends meet.

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