Ready to get the story behind the story? Get up close and personal to the world’s top authors, including Amazon, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers, as they share the real scoop behind writing a book and the power of the personal story. Join Alicia Dunams, founder of Bestseller in a Weekend, as she hosts Authoring Life, the show that delivers perspective and possibility from the pages of real life.



AL 76 | For She Who Grieves
  Grief is a profoundly painful and difficult experience everyone must go through; but how do we transform that feeling into something that can help us grow wiser and more
AL 77 | Palace Of Light
  Within the Palace of Light, discover the sacred journey of ascension, where the threads of human evolution interweave with cosmic forces. Today, we have a truly remarkable guest joining
AL 74 | Heartificial Empathy
  Is it possible to encode empathy into artificial intelligence? How can we tap that lever of productivity? Minter Dial, the author of Heartificial Empathy, discusses the untapped lever of
AL 75 | Invisible Wealth
  All of us aspire to manage our financial future, and that means defining our wealth goals. When we become clear on our wealth goals and create a specific plan
AL 73 | Microjoys
  When life decides to crash one tragic and heartbreaking event after another on you, it can be so difficult to find light and hope through it all. Life is
AL Desange | unDEfeated Woman
  Desange Kuenihira‘s life has been all about learning how to dance in the chaos. No matter how many hardships she faced, she remained an undefeated woman. Desange lived in
AL Jacent | Financial Freedom Formula
  What does it really take to achieve financial freedom? In this episode, Alicia Dunams is joined by special guest Jacent Wamala, who tells her money journey and shares gold nuggets
AL Shelby Scarbrough | Civility Rules
  Social media is an incredible technology that carries a lot of benefits to mankind. But it also has this dark side where we beings are given the power of
AL Sophie Wade | Empathy Works
  The new world of work is upon us because of the pandemic. Things are moving quicker and uncertainty is everywhere. People have to start being more empathetic towards each
AL Mary Jo Lorei | Practical Inspirations
  Are you struggling to hear your voice? If you knew how powerful you are, what would you create? In this episode, Mary Jo Lorei, author of Practical Inspirations: Where

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