How to Write Sample Endorsements for Reviewers

Let’s face it: Getting an endorsement from a cool reviewer or a celebrity can add appeal and spark interest in you and your book. Imagine having an influencer give your book a thumbs up, and the marketing opportunities it will provide.

Many authors have asked me how to get a celebrity endorsement or book review. They think it’s improbable that someone who is well known or famous would go out of their way to provide them with an endorsement or testimonial. Once I show them that it’s mutually beneficial to both parties to endorse a book, they open themselves up to the possibilities.
But, how does one go about getting such an endorsement from reviewers or celebrities? Like you, they are busy with their business and life. In a perfect world, they would sit down and read your book from cover to cover, and pen an earth-shattering endorsement. In reality, they usually don’t have time to sit down and read your book in its entirety, and pen an original endorsement. So, your job is to make it as easy or almost effortless as possible.
If you’re seeking an endorsement from a celebrity or influencer, follow these tips:
1. Don’t request an endorsement until your book cover is complete and you can include a picture of the cover with your request. This allows the prospective endorser to see that you are serious and your book really is in progress.
2. Personalize your request, using their name in the greeting, and opening by telling the individual that  you follow and admire their work. Introduce your book and tell them that you are requesting an endorsement. Include a short reminder that your book, as well as their endorsement, will be given massive exposure and publicity. This requires providing them some bullet points of your kick-butt marketing plan.
3. Give a synopsis of your book. Along with the book cover, this will provide the endorser with a good idea of what your book. Most people will request to read the entire manuscript. In this case, you should offer to send them the PDF or eBook version. If they own a KIndle, you can email it directly to their Kindle address ( If they want a physical version of your book, you will have to send them a copy of your first version after publish. If you want to avoid this and have all endorsements in your first version, I suggest you create some (ARCs) Advance Reading Copies using
4. Thank the individual for their time and consideration. Then, let them know that, for their convenience, you’ve included or attached sample endorsements they can feel free to personalize or revise.
5. Include your contact information. If your request is made via mail, always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it easy for them to return the endorsement to you.
Always provide prewritten sample endorsements for their review. People don’t have to endorse your book, so if you do the job for them, making it as painless and easy as possible, they are more likely to accommodate your request. Majority the time, they write their own endorsements, but they appreciate you making the job easier for them. Sample endorsements will vary, of course, but they will contain the following:

  1. Author’s Name
  2. Title of the Work
  3. Something ABSURDLY SPECTACULAR that your book offers.
  4. Why they endorse it.

Of course, #3 and #4 is purely subjective content, but maybe something you mention will get the wheels turning for the potential endorser. Again, the easier you make it for them, the more likely they’ll be to lend their name and fame to you and your book. Good luck!

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