How to Format your eBook for Kindle for 5 Bucks

Jesse, an ardent member of my community, said he finished his eBook 24 hours after watching my video “How to Be a Bestselling Author, Plus 48 hours to eBook Profits.”

Hi Alicia,
I listened to your 48hrs to ebook profits webinar recording – thanks for recording and sending it out!
I did it 🙂

Even more impressive, Jesse gave me the information on a guy who formats your eBook for Kindle for 5 bucks, so I had to share:

I got stuck when uploading the completed file, which I had in PDF. I went on (where people do all kinds of stuff for $5), and had it formatted to html for upload into Kindle, for $5! I thought you might like this link – this guy did great work in a short amount of time (I think).

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