How to package your knowledge for profit. (Bestseller Profit Pyramid, Video Part 1)

Are you an expert, business owner, or service professional looking ways to package your knowledge for profit? Or are you an author looking for ways to montetize your book and information?
Today, I’m starting a 5 part series where I delve into my high-level concept, what I can my Bestseller Profit Pyrarmind revenue model. This concept is taught in my Bestseller in a Weekend program, and implemented in my extended coaching program Bestseller Business Blueprint. Basically, Bestseller Profit Pyrarmind is your sales funnel, but especial created for experts who want to profit from their knowledge by writing a book.
This is the first of 5 videos, and today I’m going to discuss the first slice, leg, component of the model: Book.
In terms of the revenue model, your book does two things: 1) It’s the first and easiest way (that scales) to begin profiting from your expertise. 2) It’s a lead generation tool for your business.

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