What is Bestseller in a Weekend? (Video)

What is Bestseller in a Weekend?
Bestseller in a Weekend helps business owners, coaches, service professionals go from “idea to author” in 2 days or less…
Who is Bestseller in a Weekend for?
Bestseller in Weekend is for busy, often overwhelmed, business owners who want to write a book to increase their credibility, attract more clients, build their platform and visibility, and make more money in their business, but do not have the time to set aside to actually write a book.
What happens during Bestseller in a Weekend?
In addition to writing your book, together we are work on everything from finalizing your book title to giving your bio a makeover so that you can boost your credibility instantly. And, that’s ONLY day one…
On day 2 you will discover how to apply the “Bestseller Profit Pyramid” revenue model so that so that you can earn more money while helping more people but doing less.
Last, but, not least, Bestseller in a Weekend shows you how you can become a bestselling author through strategic partnerships and marketing campaigns so that you can create massive demand for your book, as well as revive interest in your current products and services.
Below are the tangible take-aways from Bestseller in a Weekend™:

  • Write your book using my proven 5-step signature process.
  • Outline the elements needed for your high-impact book cover.
  • Develop your business “elevator pitch” in just 60 seconds.
  • Write your “back of the book bio” so that you can boost your credibility instantly.
  • Brainstorm and finalize your book title/sub-title.
  • Define the deliverables for your book by outlining “Bestseller Outline,” which includes the chapter headers and table of contents.
  • Determine specifically how you will make money with your book using the Bestseller “Profit Pyramid” revenue model.

Additionally, here’s what you’ll discover during Bestseller in a Weekend™:

  • How to create the most marketable and niche subject matter for your book.
  • The pros and cons of self-publishing and/or whether to submit your work to an agent or traditional publisher.
  • What it takes to become an Amazon.com® bestseller.
  • How to get your book distributed on Kindle and Apple iBookstore.
  • How to use social media to sell books, connect with readers, and build your platform.
  • How to leverage your book to create multiple streams of income in your business.

What Bestseller in a Weekend is NOT…
It’s not a virtual event. It’s LIVE, comprehensive, laser coaching, small group workshop, where you will get the hands on attention and my personal support that you need to finally get your book out into the world.
It’s not a sales pitch. There is only one goal for the weekend: to write your book fast.
It’s not a “how-to-write-your-book” course. We don’t talk about writing your book, we actually do it! Through templates, exercises, and my proven 5-part signature process, you go from idea to author in record time and at the end of our weekend together your book manuscript arrives like magic in your in-box.
So, if you’re ready to STOP making excuses and START selling your book then Bestseller in a Weekend is the solution you need to get your book done, and get it done fast!

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