Forced Transparency

Last week, Uber released a safety report detailing sexual assaults and other safety concerns of the ride-sharing company. The results included almost 6,000 incidents in 2017 and 2018 combined, ranging from “nonconsensual touching” to rape.
This is not an email indicting Uber’s leadership, or about the unfortunate statistics revealed in the report.
This email is about Truth.
Uber was forced into transparency and telling the truth.
Because you can’t hide the truth.
Here’s some other thoughts about the truth:
The Truth always rises to the surface.
The Truth always leads to more truth.
The Truth meets us where we are.
The Truth always sets you free.
Since 2009, Uber has had its share of incidents that signaled a toxic culture – from sexual harassment and gender discrimination on a corporate level, to the ousting of the founder/CEO, and hush settlements to keep sexual assaults out of the press.
Metaphorical speaking: The Uber dam was leaking and the company didn’t have enough fingers (of lawyers, crisis specialists etc.) to fit into all the spout holes…
… so before the dam completely busted into a public relations nightmare, they were forced into transparency – to come clean and share the truth.
You know that saying, “Jump and the net will appear.”
Forced transparency is you standing at the precipice, fearful to make the jump, and someone comes up behind you and pushes you off (and somehow, miraculously, the net still appears).
Here’s the good news about Uber and their safety report.
The truth has been set free!
So we can now:
Analyze the data.
Discuss openly.
Discover solutions.
Learn from mistakes.
Grow as a community.
Heal collectively.
It’s a leadership test… and a spiritual journey.
Now, let’s turn this over to you.
Where in your life are you not telling the truth? Or living your truth?
Will you jump, or will you be forced into transparency?
Somehow, someway… the truth will surface…
And, behold, freedom is on the other side.

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