One question to ask yourself today

We live life forwards and we understand it backwards.
As everyone reflects on the last year, and even the last decade, we being to understand and empathize our personal peaks and valleys.
Which brings me to the age-old narrative archetype, the Hero’s Journey.
We see the Hero’s Journey in almost every Hollywood flick or novel, and I see it in almost all of my clients’ non-fiction books or memoirs, especially when they share their personal stories.
The long and (the) short of it: We all are called to an adventure sometime in our life that leads us from our known environment/circumstances into the unknown. In this unknown, life beats us up a bit — a part of us dies, we are “born” again, and we bring that knowledge as a gift to those we have left behind. (Seen Lord of the Rings, anyone? Sound familiar?)

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So the question you “get to” ask yourself today:
Am I the “Hero” of my life? If so, where am I on the Hero’s Journey?

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