Does This Give You a Sinking Feeling?

Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you are missing something in your business, feeling like one wrong move and everything could be taken away?
Running a successful business is more than serving clients and creating products; it’s about having the confidence to make decisions from a place of power and clarity.
If your business has been stalling, or maybe it hasn’t quite gotten of the ground, it could be because you’ve been second guessing yourself and your ability to handle mistakes or risks (and even success; yes, our self-sabotaging minds are funny like that).
Perhaps, you don’t have the right legal, insurance, financial and tax foundation in place to ensure that no matter what happens, your business and your family are safe and secure from financial disaster.
That’s why I encourage you to join me as I interview Alexis Neely during a free live call that will help you fill the holes in your business foundation & give you 100x more confidence to make all of your most important, make it or break business decisions from a place of power, confidence, assurance and trust.
“100x Confidence: How to Make All of Your Most Important, Make It Or Break It Business Decisions from a Place of Total Power, Trust, Assurance and Clarity”
Free call with me, Alexis Neely & a secret panel of online entrepreneurs you love
Date: Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Time: 1pm Pacific (LA) Time (2pmMT, 3pmCT, 4pmET)
During this live Google Hangout, Alexis & I (plus a secret panel of online entrepreneurs you love) will be showing you exactly how you can up your business confidence 100x:

  • The raw, true mistakes we’ve made in our own businesses that have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and how you can avoid making them;
  • How to set up a business foundation that will bring you more clients and more growth;
  • How to have 100x more confidence to get the resources you need to grow your business;
  • The next step you need to take to get to the next level in your business and more.

Having the right foundation in your business does more than help your business run more smoothly, it gives you the ability to make solid decisions, take calculated risks, and have peace of mind knowing that you are ready for anything and everything.
And isn’t that what it’s all about?
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