7 Tips To Writing A Bestseller On Amazon by Alicia Dunams (MediaLeaders Virtual Conference)

In this video Alicia walks us through:

  • How to determine your book topic
  • How to select a title that sells
  • How to categorize yourself on Amazon
  • How to conduct a book-buying blitz
  • How to get a book launch team
  • How to organize bulk book purchases
  • How to utilize Amazon’s tools

Find out more about Alicia: http://www.bestsellerinaweekend.com/
Four reasons you should write a book:

  1. Writing a book establishes credibility, increases visibility, generates TV and radio publicity, and attracts more clients.
  2. Having a listing on Amazon increases SEO and discoverability in the “search economy.”
  3. You can write a book fast by focusing on your target audience, pain point, and solution.
  4.  Book writing is simple

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