Want to write a Fiction Book?

Fiction in a Weekend
Ever dreamed about writing a novel, or piece of literary fiction?
I’m writing this email to my entire newsletter list, as I know there are some burgeoning fiction writers in the mix (and if you aren’t one, I’m sure a colleague, friend or client may be, so please forward).
For the next 4 days, we are offering the Fiction in a Weekend™ eCourse for $100 off. As my partner, manuscript consultant, Disney® treatment writer, and Fiction in a Weekend™ trainer, Michael Ashley and I want to get you prepared for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) coming up this Fall. (November, to be exact!)
In addition to getting Fiction in a Weekend™ at $100 off, Michael will be offering live NaNoWriMo Group Video Calls for collaboration and accountability, weekly during the month of November, as a bonus (but only if you purchase by this Friday midnight.)
To learn more about Fiction in a Weekend™, go here to get some free resources, including a book excerpt and introductory webinar.
If you are ready to purchase now and secure your bonus, you can go directly to this link.
Reply back if you have any questions, Michael and I are on standby to help you out.
As always, dedicated to your success

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