Visual Marketing for Business: Instagram, Facebook, and Infographics

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Pulling together her top clients and experts, Alicia Dunams hosts live Google+ Hangouts covering relevant business topics. On July 31, she gathered Jenna Phillips, Vickie Sucliano, Julia Price, Lisa Rothstein, and Maiyah Olivas for her most attended and popular hangout to date. They discussed visual secrets for business Instagram and Facebook posts and infographics because these guests have published books, worked in marketing, and started their own campaigns to get their message out there.

“I love [social media] because it creates instant connection, and I can use that to connect with people in any corner of the world,” Jenna Phillips starts out. She emphasizes the use of hashtags to really get people to connect with a community and ask questions. Visual aids and consistency do just that.
Vickie takes the time to mention that behind the scenes shots are just as important to businesses as the products are. “When you can take someone behind the scenes and let people know what it takes to make something happen, that’s an awesome opportunity.” Don’t think you can only get great graphics to share using a big DSLR camera either—use your smart phone.
While pictures are important, there was a consensus that the type of content matters. People don’t want to see you as a perfect person. Don’t disappear for 3 months and reappear with a book (or product). Let people in on the process by asking them questions about the title or cover or showing them where you work. “People want their opinion to be heard,” as Alicia mentions, and social media is the best way to keep them involved in the conversation.
Listen for more tips from the featured experts including what to post, the best Instagram apps, and why sharing your authentic voice is the best connection method possible.

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