[VIDEO] #MotivationMentor: How to Overcome “What if?”

[VIDEO] How to Overcome What If

Welcome, and let’s get motivated for another week. I personally needed my own motivational mojo this last Friday night as my daughter and I were denied boarding for our flight to Italy. (We arrived in England, and found out that her US passport needed a 3-6 month buffer before its expiration date to get to Italy.)
We missed the wedding in Italy, and I had an expensive lesson in international passport rules. So, what was left to do??? Make lemonade out of lemons, and we had a fun weekend in London waiting for the US Embassy to open. Yes!!
In this week’s Motivation Mentor video, I discuss “What If? (AKA the language of the poor), how to stand up to naysayers, and how to live a bold and fearless life.
What do you say to people who counter you with “What if?” Please add your comments to YouTube or Facebook, if you catch the video there.

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