Turn off the TV, and Focus on Your Potential… Wealthy Girls Reunite!

Instead of focusing on a struggling economy and a negative job outlook, come network and celebrate with a powerful network of women, a.k.a. “Wealthy Girls,” who choose to focus on their potential.
First held in January 2008, the Wealthy Girl Summit is a powerful seminar that featured 13 women who have defied the odds and become leaders in their fields. By sharing the secrets and knowledge of the top female leaders in their field, we created a network that inspires and empowers women to create their own personal and business growth and wealth. Covering topics like financial planning, investments, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation, these amazing women shared their diverse backgrounds and experiences as financial and legal experts, investors, authors, consultants, and branding experts.

A transformational experience, the Wealthy Girl Summit created an explosion of interest from women across the globe who wanted to benefit from the insight of our network. So, we offered The Wealthy Girl Summit to women everywhere, providing them with the opportunity to benefit from one of the most powerful networks of women available! It’s been a more rewarding and, yes, rich experience than we had hoped!
That’s why, one year later, we are reuniting! The Wealthy Girl Reunion and Networking Event promises to be as fulfilling and enlightening as our first summit, which was launched just a year ago. We invite you to join and discover the changes that the last year has brought and the opportunities it offers. Reunite and network with Sanyika Calloway Boyce, Tiffany Bass Bukow, Adryenn Ashley, myself, and the other business owners and investors for this awesome event on October 15 from 6:30 to 9 pm at Wellington’s Wine Bar in Sausalito, CA. As a bonus, you’ll enjoy in the celebration as WGS speaker Sanyika Calloway Boyce launches her book, Give Yourself Credit, which promises to be a hit among people everywhere!
If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to benefit from the profound seminar, now is your opportunity to do so. The modules contained in our original summit are accessible to women everywhere for a mere fraction of the cost that attendees paid because we want you to enjoy a richer, more rewarding, successful, and fulfilling life than you ever dreamed possible! Learn how to become a wealthy girl and make your finances, investments, and business work for you by ordering all five modules. When you do, you’ll receive 12 bonuses—one of which is an autographed copy of my book Goal Digger.
Never before has the opportunity for women to succeed been as great as it is today. Embark on your own journey and join me and the network of wealthy girls at the top today! To order your personal copy of The Wealthy Girl Summit modules, go to www.beawealthygirl.com and enter the promo code: FREE OFFER. To learn more about our awesome reunion and networking event, visit http://bit.ly/ooHQPf.
And, to ensure all women have access to a successful and wealthy life, there will be a requested $10 donation at the door – 100% proceeds going to Dress for Success, SF Chapter. If you wish, you can bring a gently used suit, in lieu of the cash donation.
I hope you accept my invitation to become a wealthy girl and start living the life you’ve always dreamed of today!

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