This Week: Want a paid speaking gig in 2017? (Details inside)

Are you interested in using speaking as a way to build your platform, attract potential clients, and sell more books? If so, I’ve got some good news.
For years, I’ve developed and nurtured relationships with some amazing influencers and decision makers, and a few have asked me to support them in filling various conferences and events in the United States and Canada in 2017. Of course, these conference planners are looking for the best of the best – speakers who are bestselling authors, have a platform with an engaged social media following, and are inspirational speakers. If you fit the bill, and can speak on one or more of the topics (below), please reply back with a link to your book on Amazon, link to your website, and a link to a video of you speaking.

Here are the topics:

  • Women and Business
  • Women and Leadership
  • Innovation/Technology
  • Food, Cookbooks, Sustainable Food Practices
  • Mastery/Self-Help
  • Politics/Community/Education
  • Money and Finance

Here are a few other things you shouldn’t miss:
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Many of you enjoyed the 1-minute clips from my Go Deep interview with ex-Navy Seal and author Mark Divine. {Here’s the entire interview}.
Wealthy Girl Summit tickets go on early bird sale this weekend. Scheduled for March 31, 2017, Wealthy Girl Summit includes speakers such as NY Times bestseller Nicole Lapin, Lisa Leslie and Bridgette Chamber, co-authors of From The Court to The Boardroom, and other amazing women speakers announced shortly. The purpose of Wealthy Girl Summit is to support women in increasing their net worth so they can create massive impact in the world. Who’s in?
I’m working with a select of group of professionals who are focused about getting their book done in early 2017. If you are committed to getting your book out in 2017, let’s talk. Schedule a 30-minute strategy session here to take action.
Let’s connect on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is going to play a big part of my marketing strategy for 2017. Here’s a recent article on the power of publishing. I thought you’d enjoy.

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