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Within the Palace of Light, discover the sacred journey of ascension, where the threads of human evolution interweave with cosmic forces. Today, we have a truly remarkable guest joining us: Lisa McCardle. In addition to being a bestselling author worldwide, Lisa is an award-winning speaker, quantum healer, transformational life coach, and spiritual teacher, and also channels guidance from a source of light. In this episode, Lisa dives into her latest masterpiece, Palace of Light. This incredible book serves as an inspirational yet practical guide, leading readers on a transformative journey of ascension. Lisa divulges her creative process behind the book, its five main pillars of light, and her ambition to bestow enlightenment that can guide one’s journey toward elevated awareness and spiritual development. Prepare to be captivated by Lisa’s enchanting storytelling and the profound impact of her book. Tune in now!

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The Palace Of Light: A Journey Of Ascension With Lisa Marie McCardle

In this episode, we’re going to get started with someone who attended Bestseller in a Weekend. I’m excited about that. Her name is Lisa Marie McCardle. She’s an internationally bestselling author, award-winning speaker, quantum healer, transformational life coach, spiritual teacher and light counsel channel. I’m excited to dig deep into all of those things. As an initiated priestess in The Rose Temple Lineage, she is a keeper of the ancient temple codes. She is passionate about supporting souls to plug back into the source of which they were created to awaken for expansion, find true purpose and reclaim personal power the feminine way.

Lisa, we’re going to dig into all of that because those are some quite beautiful experiences that you bring to the world and services that you offer to people. I’m looking forward to that. We’re going to jump into your book, the Palace of Light, which is an inspirational yet practical guidebook for your journey of ascension. Without further ado, I’d love to jump in to speak to you and welcome you, Lisa.

I’m so good. Thank you for having me. It’s a real pleasure to be here with you. I’ve been peering into your service and contribution to the world for so many years. It’s an honor to be here with you in this way, as a published author.

When we met in 2020, you were taking Bestseller in a Weekend. I remember it was COVID and I put an offering to my list and community because people were looking for community. People were uncertain. I thought it would be a great time to lead a workshop. People wrote their books during that workshop and you were one of those.

I got a good start on my book during that workshop and got some of the foundational principles. I was like, “I know there’s a way to write a book. How do you write a book?” It’s this great mystery. I kept seeking formula. Part of what was inspirational from the time I had with you was to write and get it out. I call it molding clay. That’s what I finally did. I was writing the pieces and weaving them together like a tapestry in the end.

It’s a beautiful way to put it. It’s a weekend jumpstart. To put a book out there does require more time, effort and resources. Let’s talk about that. The first question I like to start with every author is, why did you write a book?

It was a call in my heart and soul. Every psychic numerologist intuitive that I had seen over the course of many years was like, “You’re going to be an author. There are books to write.” It’s been a call in my heart for decades. My superpower in the world is words. I am a spirit channel and what channels through me are words. When it first started, it took me by surprise. There’s a tone that comes through and words come through. It was time to capture them in a form that could be distributed to many instead of a one-on-one kind of pulse. It was a call in my heart.

Let’s talk about your book and specifically, the Palace of Light. It’s an inspirational, practical guidebook for your journey of ascension. There might be people saying, “What is ascension?” We might want to do the ABCs of some of the things that you do and the services you provide. It weaves in the channeled messages from The Light Council. Tools, stories, spirits and guidance into a transforming read will make you laugh and cry as you experience one a-ha moment after another. Let’s speak about that. Let’s talk about the book, the title and the subtitle. I’d like to know that as well. What does it mean to ascend and support people with that?

AL 77 | Palace Of Light
Palace of Light: Finding Your Way Home by Lisa McCardle

My work in the world is as a spiritual teacher. I’m not alone in that. Eckhart Tolle speaks of the New Earth. From common language, ascension is a pivot or rise in consciousness. If we go into some of the esoteric expressions of it, we’re in a dimension shift. That can get a little new age and a little out there but it’s about frequency and vibration. Everything in this world has a pulse, vibe and frequency. The planet itself is expanding its frequency into a higher realm and more fast-moving. Everyone can relate to time changes. Time is going fast. Things are pivotally different. We are experiencing a different experience of humanity and it’s playing out differently for everyone.

I call it ascension. What that means to me is a rise in consciousness that the collective of humanity is walking through. Whether we realize what it is or not, we know we’re changing and leaving the old behind. COVID was a huge 180 turn. I call it BC and AC, like Before COVID and After COVID. Life isn’t the same. Every human on the planet can identify that there is a pivotal change happening. It’s happening inside and in the world around them. What we’re doing is lifting a consciousness out of a density we’ve been living in for several thousands of years. We’re coming into a higher awareness that brings our senses, sensitivity, knowing and intuition online at a higher level.

We’re becoming more conscious and that plays out in a lot of different ways. The book is a tool guide to move through the pillars of what ascension is. The subtitle of the book is Finding Your Way Home. It’s a little hard to see here but there is a woman walking out of the light or into the light. However, you want to look at it so I consider the light to be a higher consciousness that we’re moving into. The book is broken down into five pillars and the first pillar is presence.

It teaches us about how to be in this now moment. From that, because when we’re in the future, we’re operating from anxiety. When we’re in the past, we’re operating from depression. There’s so much anxiety on the planet, stress and transformation occurring. It was in my soul that people needed some tool guides and baselines for how to walk this because it is a very intense journey and none of us are doing it alone. Finding your way home is finding your way back to the true essence of who you are at the soul level.

I want to get into the tools that some of your book shares with your readership. As you described ascension for people who, maybe this is a new concept for them, I liken it to when you’re in an airplane. You’re ascending. There’s some turbulence until you get to that higher elevation. We can look at the world and see turbulence in action. With that is being able to have your seatbelt on, observe, be in the ride and be present.

I see it all around us. I’m someone who aligns with consciousness, taking that daily conscious walk in life and choosing consciousness and mindfulness. I’m looking forward to diving into your book. What are some of the tools that you are supporting people on the walk home, in the Palace of Light? Please share with us.

I’ll break the pillars down quickly. Number one is presence. That is the starting point. It’s like the Alpha and the Omega. We keep going back to presence over and over because it’s what roots us for our rise, the presence and all things. What presence delivers to us is an ability to connect more deeply. I consider that connection to be first with self so that you can listen to what is true, not from the mind but from the essence of your body and the frequency in your body. We know what is for us but if we’re out there, then we can’t be in here gleaning the truth of where we’re being divinely guided, led by what we know to be true from a soul level.

Connection brings us into ourselves, our self-awareness and our higher self, which I consider to be our God self, our soul self. It connects us to the spirit itself. We are being communicated with and guided all the time through signs and symbols. You see a number sequence. You hear the song on the radio that answers the question. It’s this mystery of coincidence but there is no coincidence. It’s all divine order and divine guidance but we can’t get there until we’re present to catch it.

AL 77 | Palace Of Light
Palace Of Light: Connection brings us into ourselves, our self-awareness, our higher self, which is our God self, our soul self. It connects us to the spirit itself.


We go through a deconstruction phase. The deconstruction is where it’s no joke, deconstruction, where everything starts to unravel that was set up in the old frequency and paradigm so that you can then ascend and be into the rise, which is the fifth. Expression is the fifth pillar, which is like standing at the top of the mountain and being able to take everything in.

One of my favorite tools for finding presence, first and foremost and what I love about these tools is none of them exists outside of you. It’s all an inside game. One of the first tools I go to sometimes if I’m mind-chatty and out there is I will start to tap on my thymus gland, right here, right now. I close my eyes, come inside and start tapping. “I am here, right here.” We go into breath. They’re like biohacks. It lives with you. You don’t need anything to find it. Take a regular breath in and then a slow exhalation with your lips and purse a little. It’s like you’re blowing through a straw.

If you do that three times, it shifts your nervous system. We have the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight or the rest in the digest. When we’re in fight or flight, which most of us are stuck in, we cannot assimilate the truth of our inner GPS or our God’s Positioning System, our intuition. When we flip it and move into that parasympathetic, it brings us into instant presence. We get back in the driver’s seat of our life. Life isn’t happening to us. It’s happening through us. We can get back into that position where we’re like, “I’m present and connected. Now I know what my next step is.” We only ever need the next step. One of the biggest lessons in the book is that you choose all of this.

Presence is the key and you need the next step and that you’re never alone. This journey’s pretty intense that we’re walking through. A lot of people feel isolated and alone in it. That’s part of my mission in the book as I tell my story of deconstruction, my dark night of the soul story that happened as I was writing this book. I tell it very vulnerably and raw, authentic way. I want people who read this book to know that they are not alone in whatever they’re traversing to get to this higher consciousness that we are all truly walking each other home.

Thank you for sharing some of those tools. All we need to know is the next step. That’s very powerful. It’s accessible. We’re not alone. I want everyone to know at home that you can purchase the book, the Palace of Light on and anywhere where books are sold. Are they available on your website as well? Would you like to share that, Lisa?

My website is and it’s right there on the front page. You can access it and it’ll take you right to Amazon to purchase.

We were about to embark on your dark night of the soul, the book-writing process and something that you experienced. I didn’t know if you wanted to share a little bit more about that.

It’s my pleasure to share because what I walked through was quite extraordinary. I was summoned to write the book shortly after I took your weekend class. I got through the presence and I got moving into connection. All of a sudden, I was like, “Pillar three is deconstruction.” Everything that’s based on the old way of having to raise a release is part of a chapter in the book. We have to let it go or it’s got to rise with us to this new level. I’m writing the book and the lynchpin, if you will, of my beautiful charmed life begins to pull.

I’ve been in a relationship with my partner for fifteen years. My stepson, whom I was raising, was getting ready to go off to college. There were these natural turning points. The beautiful home that we had lived in for four years was all of a sudden put for sale in a hot California market, post-COVID, desirable area. We had been renting. I tried to buy the house. It wasn’t working.

I was in the middle of reconstructing my online business and COVID was happening everywhere. It was one of those perfect storms. I had a knowing in my soul that with this movement, we were also going to be probably separating. It was very loving and amicable. We had reached the apex of our relationship. We weren’t growing together anymore. We went through it beautifully. I was so proud of us, like conscious uncoupling and moving apart.

I wasn’t able to find a place to live so I ended up in Hawaii. He dropped me off at the airport. I go off to Hawaii. This is all in the book. I land on the tarmac. I did the hardest thing I was ever going to do, like deconstructing my life. I’m in Hawaii and have rented a place for two months. I go to rent and get my trip home. There was only one day that made sense to book a flight, which is so weird. It was like a week before my time in the house I had rented was even up. I trust the universe and that’s my guiding system.

Nothing else was working so I had this flight back. I ended up coming back to Carmel Valley, this beautiful part of California I was living in. I’m back in this little place I had landed in for 42 hours when I get the call that my beloved was rushed to the hospital and two hours later, he was dead. There I was thinking. I had done the hardest thing I was ever going to do. Little did I know it was preparation for a journey, an initiation that was nothing I’d ever experienced. I never walked through the death portal when I was 52 years old. As I say in the book, when she comes for you, she is not dragging you in lightly. She’s a beast and she will take you. You’re naked in bed and not ready. She doesn’t care.

It took me on a journey of the depths, which I’m still processing but a beautiful journey that is forever transformed who I am. I feel his spirit and essence with me always. His love has guided me so beautifully from the other side in a way that we weren’t going to walk in this earth plane. It’s hard to explain it all. I hope you feel the essence of it. It was one of those pivotal life transformations. The hardest thing I’ve ever done was when I was in Hawaii, the spirit said to me, “You’ll die 1,000 deaths to be reborn 1,001 times.” What I didn’t know was that that was going to be within that year. I thought I was talking about a lifetime.

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Within a year, I kept dying everything around me. It was a true dark night of the soul. His cat died. I was living across the street from our old house. I watched them tear out my rose plants and cut down the cherry trees. I watched every piece of my charmed life disintegrate before me. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as they say, but pieces of me died along the way. I will say that beauty is what’s come on the other side. There’s been this reclamation of myself and purpose being made so clear on the planet, what I’m here to do and why I’m here to do it. I honestly don’t know if I would’ve gotten here in the same way if death hadn’t walked me through it.

Lisa, thank you so much for sharing that story. It’s featured in your book. Everyone can go and purchase and support you in that way. What a beautiful and transformational recount of that for all of our readers at home. I want to acknowledge you. Thank you for sharing that because I know that it is impactful to re-share and relive that.

It’s deeply personal and it also feels like if it’s for a purpose, then it’s all worth it. It’s how my sense is. If this can support another human being through whatever transformation they’re going through, then maybe that’s the purpose for it.

Our story is here to serve and you are exhibiting and showing that so thank you for that. With some of the tools that you’ve shared in your book, is there anything else that you have on your heart to share with our readers at home?

There’s a cool poem in the back of my book. I don’t know if you want me to read that or not. It’s how I end the whole book. That’s a good wrap-up but in general, the pulse of what I most want to share is no matter what you’re traversing or what your journey is, we truly are not alone. You’re not alone. There’s a light that comes on the other side and there’s the divine purpose that comes through every transformation that you experience. That’s the message I want to nail home for everyone.

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Reach in and then reach out. We’re deconstructing a lot of familial things. People are ending a lot of relationships and there are a lot of family ties breaking. There are a lot of commitments to work and communities, where people live and how people live. That’s the deconstruction phase that everyone’s experiencing on some level. We’re letting go of the old that has been very karmic-based. We’re making room for a new, more soul-based congruence in everything we do and how we live or welcome the soul family in. You have to let go sometimes of those old things too. What do they say when God closes the door? He opens a window or something like that but you get the essence. That’s the biggest point of it.

I want to get to your poem. How about we do the speed round and then we’ll end with your poem? Speed round is I ask you some questions and you say what comes to your mind. The first question is, what is your legacy?

My legacy is to leave light and love all around me so that everyone knows that they are held, supported and on purpose for their existence. You are valuable because you exist and nothing else needs to be proven for it.

What is your favorite book?

The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. It’s one of my favorite books. It’s the feminine recount of some stories of the Bible.

AL 77 | Palace Of Light
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

I got to read that. I look forward to that. I’ve heard of that book before. I have never read it so I’m going to. Hopefully, it’s on Audible.

Not a lot of favorites but that’s the one that came top of mind.

Who is your favorite author?

I have so many. I think Tom Robbins and Margaret Atwood.

What are you reading next? Do you have something on your nightstand?

I am reading called Grandmother Anna. It’s a book about the grandmother of Jesus. I’m going on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury. I’m in this deep spiritual priestess realm. That’s the next book that I’m reading. I just picked it up and I don’t know who the author is, unfortunately, but I can get it to you.

I’m excited about that spiritual pilgrimage you’re on. Share it on social media so we can come along on the journey with you. What are you writing next? Do you have another book?

I do. I am writing another book. The book is called The Many Faces of Mary and it is part of this priestess journey that the portal of death initiated me into this deep remembrance of this Magdalene, a high priestess Rose Temple experience. It’s an otherworldly experience. It’s what landed me in Glastonbury. I was told I had to go to Glastonbury. One morning I woke up and five hours later, I was invited. It’s crazy stuff you can’t believe.

We finished the speed round so thank you for that. Do you follow the work of Meggan Watterson?

I do. Her work is beautiful.

I read Mary Magdalene. I follow her and am interested in the work. I’m generally curious about it.

The next book is called The Many Faces of Mary and I don’t know when it’ll be done but it’s being written through me.

It sounds like Glastonbury will be supportive in that writing journey as well. Let’s jump into your poem.

It’s how the book ends. It is the epilogue. “I am the red phoenix. I rose fear from the ash after the inferno came and burned the entirety of everything to the ground. I tried to stop it with my bare hands, holding the essence of the divine mother deep within my womb but even she backed up so that death could walk in. I tried to save the pieces and tucked away boxes high above the roof line.”

“I tried to save the children that had curled up behind the doors. I tried to pick the fruit and all the flowers before they chopped down the trees and pulled up the roots, the scent of cherries and roses lingering still in the air, just above the level dirt. I tried to house the kitten that could only run free, lost and alone, hiding behind the tomatoes, left growing like a wild weed until the day my beloved took her with him to the other world.”

“As I lay myself down, as the flames licked through me, devouring every drop of my nectar, dried and barren, I died. The moss was rolled over me in darkness was all I could see until the day came when the earth peeled back and the stones rolled and she rose. She was fierce with the dragon’s head in a woman’s heart burning as the new fire was birthed within her. She sprinkled magic upon the land and watched it spring to new life.”

“‘You cannot rush the winter dear one,’ she was told. When the bloom comes, it is memorable beyond anything ever before known. The beauty that pours forth takes the breath of even the most stoic. This is how worlds are formed. Her magic dripped through the center of Gaia and together, they rose womb to womb, dropping petals of faraway seeds, elixirs to the weary in the wild of heart. She will rise. It was screamed for all to hear. In time, it has been made true. I am the red phoenix and in the wake of my fury and my love, all shall rise with me, liberated, remembered and free.”

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It’s beautiful. I can hear that it was a poem that was written on personal experience, just as you shared with us.

It pretty much sums up the whole book and the journey. It was my very last submission to the book. It wasn’t written that long before we went to print.

I find with the book writing process that some of your deepest breakthroughs happen right before you submit to publish. The a-ha moments like, “This is the reason I’m writing this book. I got to include this framework.” The book writing process is like the sculptor chipping away at the marble. You look at a big piece of marble and start chipping away. The vision and sculpture are seen by the removal of things. The book-writing process is the creation of things unseen.

You get to that point where it starts molding. I call it molding clay. It’s the same. It’s like you pick these pieces and then all of a sudden, it starts to have this life of its own. I kept praying in. I was like, “When are you going to show me the essence of you?” You write a book but then the book writes you. That’s a turning point. It’s almost like a child in the womb when it starts to get its essence.

It’s wild and then you birth it.

Here’s the biggest thing for your readers too. Two years, books out, launch plans, podcasts, doing all the things and then I was like, “I can rest.” All of a sudden, I had this knowing. I was like, “Do you think this is the finish line? This is the starting line.” It’s like when you birth a child and then you have to get that child into the world and their expression and growth. It is a journey.

Your creation begets more creation. It is a long-term process. It’s a long game. I love that, Lisa. This is wonderful. How can people find out more about you, learn and work with you?

Go to my website, Everything is there. I’m also on Instagram and all the places. I would love to connect. One of my favorite things to do with people is have a fifteen-minute chat together, hear their stories and then see how we can meld their stories into something that makes sense.

Co-creation, I love it. It’s wonderful, Lisa. It’s such a great pleasure having you here. You can purchase Lisa’s book, the Palace of Light, at Amazon, your local bookstore and her website

Thank you so much for having me. It’s been wonderful connecting with you again.

You be well. All the best. Take care.


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