The future of communication (3 predictions)

As many of us imagine what life will look like 10 days, 1 month, and/or 3 months fromnow, I’d like to focus on and predict the future of communication (not communication technology, but how we speak to each other).

Since the stay-at-home order, I’ve been asked to present Concious Communication workshops to a fair share of brands and communities including Create & Cultivate, The Riveter, and InfusionSoft, and here are some of the trends I am seeing:

  1. Authoritative, autocratic language (as opposed to casual, free reign). Business owners, essential workers, managers and regular folks will speak with authority and with firm boundaries as a way to manage people due to safety concerns. Case in point, I was at Best Buy yesterday buying a computer widget, and they spoke to me in a military capacity. “Stand on that yellow arrow, and if we have what you need, we will come and get you.” I listened and obeyed. Suggestion: You can be firm and friendly: “Thank you for standing in the yellow box, 6 ft away from the cashier.
  2. More “I love you’s” and air kisses. Maybe it’s just me, but as I hang up Zoom coaching calls, workshops, board meetings, and Marco Polos, I am telling people I love them, blowing them an air kiss, or if I don’t know them well, giving them a namaste and “be well” send off. Why: Because no one is promised tomorrow, and I want everyone, even my clients and colleagues to know that they matter and are loved. Question: Are you sending off your colleagues, clients and friends with love?
  3. Communicating with vulnerability and transparency. We have Oprah, Brené Brown and so many leaders to thank for exhibiting vulnerability and transparency. With 24/7 social media and news cycle, we must be ready to address real time issues with our community/followers in a humble and honest way.

What are some trends are you seeing in communication? Let me know!

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