How To Throw a Book Launch Party for Multiple Authors (and Make Them Bestsellers)

Writing and publishing a book is a huge accomplishment, one which more than 80 percent of society wants to do someday, but few rarely attempt. For those that do, it’s a remarkable achievement that deserves a celebration just as remarkable and memorable.

A book launch party announcing a book’s release and an author’s accomplishment is one way to recognize the work, skill, and dedication it takes to write and publish a book. It’s also a marketing and promotion tool that often isn’t taken advantage of. The trust is, the gathering announcing a book’s release is a phenomenal time to spur sales and gain massive press and media interest for both the author and the book. And when the gathering features more than one author, it becomes even more effective and, when done properly, can turn authors into bestselling authors.
The key to featuring multiple authors and capturing the sales necessary for bestselling status is in the event itself. A book launch party can be a small, intimate group of close family and friends, but when it becomes a high-profile event which features many authors, it appeals to celebrities and people who are movers and shakers in their industries. Then it becomes more than a book launch party—it turns into a marketing sensation that becomes the talk of the town.
The benefits of featuring multiple authors include:
• Each author invites a different clientele to the event, creating a diverse and interesting cross-section of individuals and industries. One author might attract 20 or 30 guests; ten authors create ten times the appeal.
• Naturally, more individuals will attend for multiple authors than for one—and each of these individuals is likely to be interested in more than one author and/or book.
• Media interest expands significantly when multiple authors and books are featured in one place at one time.
• Representatives from the media and in the publishing industry are much more likely to attend a book release for ten authors than they would be for just one.
So now that we know the advantages of featuring multiple authors, let’s cover the best atmosphere in which to feature their book releases.
I recommend a high-end event, one which is held at a prestigious location. The reason is twofold: First, it indicates that the book launch party is a special occasion (and it is). Second, it ensures that guests and authors receive the finest service and amenities so they can focus on meeting new contacts, conversing with a wide group of guests and media representatives. Event hosts and hostesses are aware that when you treat your guests extremely well, they will reciprocate and be more attentive and receptive.
High-end events also attract publicity because they create a buzz and ignite curiosity. Such high-profile events attract high-profile guests who want to benefit from networking with a large and diverse audience, as well. These individuals are considerably more likely to attend a sophisticated high-end event than an average event at an average establishment. A simple book launch party then turns into a must-attend happening that sparks even more interest.
How does such a high-end book launch party create bestsellers? The event itself promotes the authors and books, creating greater interest than the book alone. It provides each author with an opportunity to feature his or her book in front of a larger clientele, which translates into increased sales and publicity. Last, by weaving the book launch party around a bestselling campaign on places such as, which ranks bestselling status by the amount sold in a particular window of time, an increased number of sales are made during the book launch party, driving book sales up in that category higher than the competition during that period of time.
A book launch party can be more than a book launch party. It can become a one-of-a-kind special occasion, with the appeal, the interest, the excitement, and the people that create memories, as well as the esteemed success of becoming a bestselling author. Writing a book deserves such a celebration—writing a bestselling book earns it.

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