GoDeep with Eva Macias

In this week’s episode of Go Deep: Intimate Interview with Today’s Influencers, I interview #1 Amazon Bestseller Eva Macias, author of A Latina’s Guide to Money. She attended Bestseller in a Weekend® four years ago and completed her book, but it took her another 3 years to build up the confidence to actually launch.
If you are in a hurry, enjoy this one minute clip as Eva discusses her commitment to launch her book by a certain date “because she said so.”

Integrity and “being your word” is paramount as a leader (for so many reasons, but, most importantly, your community is counting on you!). Eva shares the importance of “trusting the process” and relinquishing control to make the dream team work. Simply put, when we set BIG, BODACIOUS GOALS, don’t lower them to meet you where you are (i.e. playing small). Instead, up-level who you are to meet all those GOALS (i.e. playing big).
Watch the complete video as Eva discusses doing whatever it takes to be her word.

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