Do you have WEALTH shame?

My friend and fellow entrepreneur (she also used to be a client), Alexis Martin Neely writes an amazing piece on the wealth shame permeating our society during this current economic crisis.
I agree with her article wholeheartedly. Rather than be peeved by other people’s successes and “wealth”, be inspired and happy for them. When you do so, you open up your life to abundance…

After sharing about my recent trip to Maui, I received the following email from one of my subscribers:
“Alexis, I am on your mailing list. Thanks for all the information I love this kind of thing. However, I have a twinge every time you tell me about your next vacation. There are many people who may or may not get this that just lost their job, were laid off, hours cut back, losing their homes, etc. and your vacation…??!! I think I would just say you are going to be at a mastermind meeting. I am super sensitive to this as I have clients who are really in dire straits and this economy has hurt deep…and I would hate for them to stop reading when they are probably not going to get a vacation and may lose their car or their house.”

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