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Happy Valentine’s Day!
To celebrate, we’re offering a special price on our Bestseller in a Weekend for Fiction authors. Click here for our sale price of $297. This sweetheart of a deal won’t last long!
We also still have our replay of Bestseller in a Weekend Presents How to Fall in Love with Writing Your Novel with Beth Barany and Bret Gregory.
Listen in, as Bret Gregory asks Beth Barany:
  • How do you fall in love with writing your novel?
  • What are some of the reasons why writers would have fallen out of love with their novel?
  • How do you help people fall in love with writing their novels?
  • What are some tips writers can use right now?
  • Why does the world need more novels?

Remember, you can still watch the replay here:

Want more information about Bestseller in a Weekend for Fiction authors? Click here to watch a FREE webinar.

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