2 Word Purpose Statement

What are your thoughts as you witness these current times? Are you facing thoughts of our own mortality? Are you feeling called to serve? Perhaps, discover your life’s true purpose?
If you are feeling uprooted in these uncertain times, one of the best ways to feel grounded (besides meditation) is to determine your purpose.
So, I have an exercise for you.
It’s called the 2 word purpose statement.
If you have a spare 5 minutes, which we all do these days, you can create your 2 word mission statement now. Not only will you feel a deeper sense of meaning, you can use your purpose statement as your north star as you navigate present reality.
So, here goes:
Write down a list of your VALUES. (Principles or standards that you live by.)For example, my values are spirituality, connection, wellness, non-judgement and freedom.
Then add your favorite VERB before one of your values. (Verbs such as Creating, Cultivating, Inspire, Fostering etc. Google “Positive Verbs” for a list.)
VERB + ONE VALUE= 2 Word Purpose Statement (Mine is “Set Free”, which is what I do with my coaching, workshops and speaking. You may have a few 2 word purpose statements to choose from. Select which one is most aligned. )
Now it’s your turn. Reply back with your 2 word purpose statement. Can’t wait!

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