To Censor or Expose?

It’s psychologically uncomfortable to be on the wrong side of the truth.

When we are, we want to saddle, control and dominate the truth. Censor and suppress it. Lie and manipulate the truth to make it seem like a falsity, and the falsehood seem like the truth.

We can’t handle the truth.

Yet, it’s exhausting to maintain falsehoods and lies (Just like sucking in your tummy after Thanksgiving dinner.)

Unethical, as well.

Which made me intrigued by the following headline…

Justice Department seeks emergency order to block publication of Bolton’s book.

The media attention alone made the book an instant #1 Amazon Bestseller.

Which leads to the following universal law…

Hiding the truth makes people much more resolute in finding it…

Here’s some other thoughts about the truth:

  1. The Truth always rises to the surface.
  2. The Truth always leads to more truth.
  3. The Truth meets us where we are.
  4. The Truth always sets you free.

Exposing ourselves and the truth can be scary. Yet, on the other side, it’s so freeing.

I wish all people and leaders the serenity of exposing the truth.

Just some musings as we start a new week.

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