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Ever heard of the quote, “Results Matter, Excuses Don’t”?
Last week, two of my clients, Anne-Frans Van Vliet, author of Animal Energy Therapy Project, and Garrain Jones, author of Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life, made it to #1 bestseller status on in 3 different categories each. Here’s the results
Anne-Frans Van Vliet

Garrain Jones

Even better, Garrain Jones sold well over 1000+ books in one morning and got to the top #75 of books overall on Amazon – which is no small feat – as Amazon has over 33 million books in inventory.
Last year, when Anne-Frans attended Bestseller in a Weekend® she said she didn’t think she had it “in her” to write a book.
Garrain, who invested thousands of dollars and 5+ years into a vanity publisher that failed to get him over the finish line, was also weary about the book writing/publishing process.
Yet, instead of falling victim to their excuses, Anne-Frans and Garrain persevered and are now reaping the rewards.
Now, how about you, Alicia?
How can I support you in getting the results you deserve in 2020?
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