6 Advantages of Amazon Bestseller Status

The Secrets of Female Sexuality places #8 overall...
The Secrets of Female Sexuality places #8 overall...

As I’ve coached authors, helping them make their book a business, I’ve had a front row seat to their success. A successful book is quite a feat, but I’ve witnessed firsthand how transformational it is when a book reaches bestseller status. The perks are phenomenal!

Why should anyone want to be a bestselling author? Here’s a quick list of the benefits:

If your book becomes a bestseller:

  1. You get bragging rights! And you’ll deserve them! Very few authors achieve bestselling status, so when you uncover the secret to marketing your book the right way, you are among the cream of the crop. That’s something to talk about. It also helps you to create more buzz about your book and the interest it receives.
  2. You can add the title “Amazon bestseller” to your marketing materials and website. Everyone knows Amazon, and everyone knows that to become an Amazon bestseller, you have to beat a lot of competition. There are millions of books available through Amazon, so when you become a bestseller, you’ve earned a prestigious title that is more than an opinion—it’s indisputable and based entirely on fact—sales numbers which outrank all the rest!
  3. People can introduce you as an “Amazon bestseller” before radio and TV interviews or speaking engagements. Being called an “Amazon bestseller” automatically provides you with credentials. It makes you an expert in your field, stating that you have something different to say and that people want to hear it. It’s an accomplishment that automatically portrays success.
  4. You gain credibility in the corporate world. As an author, you are one of millions. As a bestselling author, your commendable achievement is acknowledged. Suddenly, you’ll become a sought-after speaker or consultant to businesses who place great value on credentials and accomplishments.
  5. You establish yourself as an expert in your field. If you want to be an expert, write a book. If you want everyone to agree that you’re an expert, write a bestselling book. When you’ve written one of the top ten books in your industry, your expertise will have much more value and people will view you as the authority on your topic.
  6. You can distribute a press release the next day – toting the fact you are a bestseller. By quickly getting the word out that your book is a bestseller, you spark more interest, accolades, and prestige. A press release that once might have gotten buried will go to the top of the pile when it touts such a remarkable achievement. When it does, you’ll benefit from the speaking engagements, interviews, and articles it will produce.

Best of all, your bestseller placement puts you in front of an audience that may have never heard of you at all. Once Amazon and Google know who you are, the sky is the limit.

Final numbers for October 7, 2009

Final numbers for October 7, 2009

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