The Clear Story Format

How are you contributing to a “Global Conversation”?
Thought leaders contribute to global conversations (social challenges, human capital, injustice, leadership, politics, performance, healthcare, and wellness, etc.)
Thought leaders write books to tell stories, share solutions, contribute critiques, and introduce new ways of thinking and being.
When you begin to write a book, I invite you to think about how you will:
✅Bust Myths
✅Disrupt the Status Quo
✅Contribute to a Global Conversation
The Clear Story Format is a framework I was introduced to by one of my mentors @Bryan Franklin.
Watch this short video on the Clear Story Format and how you can use it in writing a book, speaking on stage and when appearing on TV or podcasts.
January 17
Do Book Titles follow a formula?
I teach that the title of the book is the NOUN and the subtitle is a VERB. The subtitle of the book will convey to the reader what transformation will occur by reading the book.
People want to read your book:
✅To transform and grow.
✅ To be entertained.
✅ To learn.
And you will pique the reader’s interest with your book title and subtitle.
Watch today’s video to learn one formula on how to title your book for maximum impact.
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