The 5 pros to hiring a ghostwriter for your business book…

Many busy business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to write a book usually have the following complaint: I don’t have enough time to write a book.
This is when I say, Have someone write it for you!
Most savvy business owners outsource their accounting, administrative and IT work – so why not outsource book writing! So, to make you feel at ease, I thought I would list some of the pros of hiring a ghostwriter for your business book.
The Pros of Hiring a Ghostwriter:
1. Time is money/money is time. While your ghostwriter is busy working on your book for three to sixteen hours a day, you’ll use that time to work on aspects of your business that, unlike your book, nobody else but you can do.
2. Professionalism Shows.Your book is almost certain to be of higher quality if a professional writes it than if you, an amateur, do so.
3. Industry Know-How. Most experienced writers have some knowledge of the publishing industry, perhaps even connections they’re willing to share. Some market this as part of their service: they’ll help you find an agent or publisher, and guide you through the process. Those with extensive expertise in this area charge higher fees.
4. Practice. The necessity of explaining your business to the writer will force you to learn how to precisely articulate your services and/or products. This is excellent practice for public speaking, media appearances, and other PR efforts.
5. Future Teamwork. If you’re lucky enough to find someone with whom you work well, someone you like and trust who delivers a stellar product, then you’ve got a new professional on your team. He or she can take care of all your writing needs – brochures, press releases, etc. She or he will become familiar with your business, and grow to care about your success.
The great news is you don’t have to go at it alone. It’s better to get your book written by a ghostwriter, then to have no book at all! – AD

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