Talking to Crazy on the Hot Seat #GoDeep

I’m super excited to introduce this quick 1 minute interview with my mentor Dr. Mark Goulston, bestselling author of Talking to Crazy


Another reason I’m excited because I’ve finally firmed up the title of my weekly video show and podcast, #GoDeep (yes, I went back and forth on this one for about a month). Here’s the logo:

go deep with alicia FA2-02

Watch the 1 minute excerpt as Mark and I “go deep” while discussing submission as a survival tool. 

Discussion  questions:

  • Where can you use “submission” or submissiveness in your life? Maybe it’s holding up a white flag, maybe it’s being loving and compassionate, around someone who is angry and hot-blooded? Maybe it’s turning the other cheek. Maybe it’s being vulnerable and humble in the face of an egomaniac?
  • I love the “mirror effect” Mark discusses at :41.
  • Since we are source, how do your ways of being impact the world?

In the longer video, Mark and I discuss the complexities of relationships, responding versus. reacting, 9/11 – the video is both serious and kooky at times.

Talking to Crazy by Dr. Mark Goulston On the Hot Seat (Full Video)

SPECIAL NOTE: I’m looking to interview influential authors based in the Los Angeles area (or who will travel here) who are willing to #GoDeep. Is that you? Or do you know someone? Share in the comment below.

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