Sneak Peak (NY Times bestseller on video)

Last week was full of highlights for me, including appearing on KTLA news (Los Angeles) and hosting a women’s conference with top celebrities and influencers. I’ll tell you about KTLA later, but, right now, would love to give you a sneak peak to my interview with Nicole Lapin, New York Times bestseller of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch (still waiting to hear if it made the list!)
Here’s my exclusive video with Nicole…

In the video, Nicole shares:
• How she started from the bottom (and now she’s here)
• How she turned her failure into fortune
• How you can be your own boss
Question for you: How are you turning your failures into opportunities? What is your “bottom to the top” story? Please share in the comments, or, as always, feel free to reply back.
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