[Sample Letter of Consent] for Including an Interview in Your Book

If you are interviewing someone for your book, or using a testimonial, endorsement, or 3rd party content, it always good to safe-guard the content by getting an official letter of consent* to use the content they provide.
Below is an example:
*Please note that I am not an attorney or Legal professional, and I drafted this letter based on Internet research and common sense. To be fully protected, I suggest getting an attorney’s approval.
Letter of Permission and Consent
Book: <title> (all formats)
Author: <author>
Publisher: [publishing company]
I, _______________, give <author> and her publisher permission for the following:
To print references to my person and business in the book
To print reference to my person and business in promotion and advertising.
To print interviews or quotes given during interviews.
To produce audible or video, ebook versions of the book.
I, _______________, have read the final version of the book and approve of the content.
I, _______________, was not paid for the content.
Book: <title> (all formats)
Author: <author>
Publisher: [publisher]
I, _______________, give <author> and her publisher permission to print the following quote:

“enter quote or excerpt”

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