Results From The Weekend

This weekend, I helped a group of dedicated business owners and thought leaders write their book fast… during Bestseller in a Weekend.
Late last night, I received some fantastic results from the weekend that I would love to share. One participant, a successful therapist with a thriving practice, wrote a 137 page book in two days. Additionally, a professional financial advisor wrote a 102 page book geared towards women and money.
Here’s a tweet from one of the participants, and a silly picture of the group as we ended a fun, but accomplished, weekend.
I want you to know that I will be holding my very LAST Bestseller in a Weekend of 2012 next weekend, November 17-18, in New York City.
If you are ready to stop thinking about writing your book, and actually DO IT, I’d love to help! To get started, register for Bestseller in a Weekend today!

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