Ready to get the story behind the story? Get up close and personal to the world’s top authors, including Amazon, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and New York Times Bestsellers, as they share the real scoop behind writing a book and the power of the personal story. Join Alicia Dunams, founder of Bestseller in a Weekend, as she hosts Authoring Life, the show that delivers perspective and possibility from the pages of real life.



AL 46 | Mindful Leadership
  Mindful leadership is not only an effective way of managing others, but also in managing one’s own needs. In this episode, Alicia Dunams welcomes Dr. Keren Tsuk, the founder
AL 45 | Investing Basics
  Have you lost money following advice from so-called experts? Well, Robert Moriarty is here to tell you that investing is not complicated and you can earn money every time
You can’t control the external as much as you can control the internals. That’s Robin Vandekleut’s main gist for her new book called Unfinished Business. Robin tells Alicia Dunams how
AL 42 | The Power Of 3
  When faced with adversity, one of our knee-jerk reactions is to ask the question, “Why?” “Why is this happening to me?” “Why am I not going anywhere?” Alicia Dunams’
AL 41 | Full Spirit Workout
Working out is not just about our physical health. We also need to work out in order to strengthen our spiritual core and create a fun and fulfilling life. In
AL 40 | Big Rich Money
You don’t need to have a passion to make big rich money. All you need are the right tools to make the right decisions, and you can be set for
AL 39 | Empowering Women
  The only one stopping you from living your fullest life is you. Give yourself permission to enter and live in Queendom with today’s guest, Gina DeVee. Gina is the owner
AL 38 | Successful Hiring
  Entrepreneurs establish their start-up businesses to succeed, thrive, and live amazing lives. For a business to prosper, its people should be determined, productive, and always contribute value and build
AL 41 | Full Spirit Workout
We are different people with different emotions and approaches, which makes life much more interesting. Alicia Dunams and Darcy Luoma, the author of Thoughtfully Fit, explore the framework that Darcy created so we can train
Leaders need to be many things, and one of the most important traits a leader needs is humility. An effective leader needs to display humility and respect for self-worth. Alicia

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