[PDF] This private experiment blew my mind

Earlier this year, my friend Marisa Murgatroyd ran a private experiment to create and sell a “new” kind of info product and got some absolutely CRAZY results which I’ll tell you about in a sec.
Her theory was simple:
1. Information Products just seem to do a LOUSY job of helping people
2. The WHOLE PLANET is incredibly “Information Overloaded”, and…
3. What people actually want & need isn’t even Information at all…
Her results?
Just 108 buyers in her “private” experiment generated $137,884
over just a few months — all from an initial purchase of just $497.
[PDF CASE STUDY:  See Exactly What Marisa Did >>]
This PDF report will walk through exactly what she did, and give
you the first steps that you can take in YOUR business, today!
By the way: even if you don’t have a product right now, this
will guarantee that you’ll build it the right way from the start.
NOTE: This will be coming down soon, so go grab it now, before
You miss out…
[PDF CASE STUDY:  See Exactly What Marisa Did >>]

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