Not all Lawyers are the same: How a published book will increase your net worth and build your brand

On Monday morning, America’s Favorite Lawyer® and best-selling author, Alexis Martin Neely appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America.
You may ask, Who is Alexis Martin Neely?
Well, less than 2 years ago she was a lawyer who owned a successful law firm. Her life looked great from the outside, but she was very unhappy. Like many service-provider professionals, she fell into the trap of working in her business and not on her business, which resulted in working insanely long hours. Alexis felt she was not producing the financial and lifestyle benefits she deserved. She quickly grew tired of this “trading hours for dollars” business model, and decided she needed to think and act BIG.
Fast forward to today.

Alexis Martin Neely is a sought-after legal expert who has appeared on the Today Show, Fox News, CNN, O’Rielly Factor, and Good Morning America, just to name a few. She has sold her law firm, and works from beach-front home in SoCal, giving her the ability to spend quality time with her two children. Additionally, Alexis heads up several million dollar entrepreneurial companies, and now earns more money in one month than she used to make in one year!
What happened?
Alexis wrote a book.
Alexis’ bestselling book became a significant tool in her marketing efforts. She leveraged her book to build her brand, secure media and public appearances, and diversify her business with new commercial ventures, including business coaching, Internet marketing, public speaking, and the Family Wealth Planning Institute.
This woman is on fire, and I encourage you all to follow her example if you want to turn your “trading hours for dollars” business, into a more scalable model.

NOTE: As a book marketing consultant, I helped Alexis Martin Neely become a best-selling author when her book, Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast Fun, and Friendly Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents, launched in 2008. The campaign was a complete success and I am happy to be a part of her journey.
“… because of Alicia’s hands-on book marketing strategies, my book, Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast Fun, and Friendly Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents became an and Barnes & Noble bestseller. I couldn’t have done it without her!”
–Alexis Martin Neely, America’s Favorite Lawyer® and best-selling author

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