My Visit to Carione Fresh Produce For the NEW edition of The Greengrocer Cookbook

Here’s an update on a project I’m very proud to be a part of.
Most of you will remember television personality, columnist and local legend Joe Carcione .  His cookbook, The Greengrocer, a guide to the selection of fresh fuits and vegetables, was a huge hit in the 1970s.   Now out of print, the book is still in high demand.  I’m proud to be working with Joe’s son, Pete Carcione, and several contributors, to create a new, re-published, updated version of his father’s famous book.
Carcione Fresh Produce, one of the most successful wholesale produce businesses, has been supplying delicious, high-quality fruits and vegetables to over 400 restaurants throughout northern California for 35 years.  Recently, The New Greengrocer Cookbook contributors Kristin Hoppe, Simla Somturk Wickless and I were given the opportunity to tour the Carcione Fresh Produce location within the The Golden Gate Produce terminal in South San Francisco.  Did you know, it’s open to the public?  I’d highly suggest taking the family there on a summer outing.  What could be better than a beautiful day trip that gets your kids to ACTUALLY eat their vegetables?!
Lemme tell ya…. what a sight!  You haven’t seen or tasted anything better than rows and rows of delicious fruits and vegetables FRESH from the farm.  We sampled strawberries, mandarin oranges, baby cucumbers, succulent mangoes.  It was most certainly a wonderful way to spend an early morning.  It was also great getting some insight into a well-known and historic local family business.
It’s been such an honor to work with Pete and continue the legacy his father Joe began so many years ago:  reminding people that eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis can lead to happier and healthier living and giving fun and delicious preparation ideas for our favorite produce.
To read more about Pete Carcione, Joe Carcione and their family business Carcione Fresh Produce go to their website at
We’re excited about the re-published new edition of this popular and well-loved book.  Soon to be available! Check out the books new contributors:
Aaron French
Alex Lopez
Beatrice Johnson
Chef Bruce Riezenman
Cindi Avila
Connie Ubenhower
Deborah Dal Fovo
Diem Doonan
Kristin Hoppe
M. Elaine Murphy
Simla Somturk Wickless
Zuzy Martin Lynch

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