My Big Announcement

It’s been a while since I sent a personal email. Over the last few weeks, I’ve probably seemed more like a machine than a human being.

I mean, emails like
“Audiobook in a Weekend – Free Webinar”
“Write your Fiction Book”
“Turn Your Book into a Hollywood Film”
I might as well be P.T. Barnum. (cue Circus Music)
Kidding aside, my deep desire is to be of service to you, to help you create the business you want by coaching you or providing programs that lead you to greater results. But honestly, sometimes it’s easier just to hide out behind the business mask rather than being my true authentic self.
So I have an announcement for you. I’m about to get real… like really REAL.
Leading With Intimacy, is my new blog series, that’ll launch in just a few weeks. (snapshot of the first episode above)
If you haven’t noticed already, I’m far from perfect. I’m not exactly where I want to be in my life right now, and I often feel like a helium balloon floating in space (and this is usually on a good day.)
2014 has not been easy, and I’m not proud of how I acted in my personal relationships, often being disconnected, not present, and not intimate. I realize that is what is in the gap between me and mastering leadership and the true impact I can make in the  world.
Just so you know, I’m putting the final touches on the first 3 videos, and twice a month I will release a video that will share exercises and tools on how to live life with intimacy and presence. Exercises that I’m actually doing myself, and not just telling you to do.
I learned the profound value of many of these exercises by teaching a workshop called Freedom Through Intimacy… a GINOURMOUS stretch for me. That was a truly  transformative experience. (snapshot of workshop below)
unnamed (1)
That’s it, “my big announcement” is over, actually it’s more a ‘heads up’ as to what’s to come, so please stay tuned and I hope you’ll be touched in a transformative way by what I share.
Thanks for taking the time to read.

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