[Live Training] Get More Confidence, Starts in 4 Hours

Lack of confidence can be a killer in business. I often say, "How can people be confident in you, if you're not confident in yourself?"

So, we're going to be exploring that today, August 27th at 11am PT/2pm ET as Brandy and Vinca go LIVE with their webinar training:

"The 5 Step Formula to Attract Paying
Clients, Readers, Media & Publishers”

Specifically, this behind-the-scenes live webinar training reveals:
How to Talk to People (Potential Clients & Readers, Media & Publishers) Anywhere, Anytime
Think Fast – Quick Decisions to NOT Lose peoples attention
Seldom Shared Secrets to Connect with Key Players & JVs for your book launches
When using Mystery & Intrigue is to your Advantage to Seal the Deal
Godfather or Drama Queen – How to Create Connection & Cash
This means new clients, new promotional partners, new deals and whatever you have been dreaming of for your business. 
Here's your ticket: 
Step 1: Attend TODAY LIVE! Save your seat now
Step 2: Invite your friends, family, clients, colleagues and assistants. You are going to want them to be "in-the-know" so you can do this together. 
Step 3: Access the LIVE webinar a few minutes early. Make sure you are in front of your computer. There will be an interactive chat room and you are going to control the slides. 
This is all about empowering you and Brandy and Vinca are putting you in the driver's seat from the start…
They can't wait to rock it live with you and get it done!

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