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AL 30 | Lion At Heart

A lot of people don’t know how to discover their courage but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Alicia Dunams’ guest today is Kai Hayes, the author of Lion at Heart: Discovering Courage and Greatness Within. Lion at Heart helps you find the strength to discover you are a warrior in life. In this episode, Kai shares her story of being an impoverished child in the Philippines. Eventually, she had to become the sole breadwinner for her family. Listen as she turns her breakdowns into powerful breakthroughs to achieving financial success. You can do the same!

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Lion At Heart With Kai Hayes

I’m excited to introduce our next guest, Kai Hayes. She’s the author of Lion at Heart: Discovering Courage and Greatness Within. Kai Hayes is an International Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. She shares her story of being an impoverished child in the Philippines, moving from shack to shack and living without electricity to becoming the sole breadwinner for her family and ultimately, a financial success story. Kai was determined to break the generational bonds of poverty. She talks about and turns her breakdowns into powerful breakthroughs in her book. I’m excited to introduce Kai Hayes to the show. Kai, it’s great to have you here.
Alicia, I’m honored. It’s been a pleasure. It’s been a long time we haven’t seen each other. I’m glad that you thought of me because there’s a lot of things that we’d like to share with your readers. Thank you for having me here.
You and I work together in terms of bringing your idea of writing a book to reality and it’s a reality. You were sharing with me that people are sharing pictures of them holding your book and saying, “This book changed my life.” That’s why I’m excited to have you here. I remember when we are coming up with the name of the book, you’re like, “Lion at heart.” You are sharing your personal story and how everyone can discover the courage and greatness within. We’re all indeed lions at heart and how we can turn our wounds into our badges of strength and honor. Before we get started in the content of your book, I want to ask you a question because there’s a lot of aspiring authors reading. Why did you write a book?

AL 30 | Lion At Heart
Lion at Heart: Discovering Courage and Greatness Within

I did not plan to write a book. Through the years of constant promptings in my mind, it led to this. After four long years of denial, I follow God’s voice. I simply wrote a book because I believe that a book is an opportunity to use our voice for the voiceless. Secondly, I strongly believe that we ought to share our stories if we have that compelling story to share. Why? Because it might be our opportunity to inspire others. Perhaps we might be able to touch someone’s wounded hearts who needed to hear that they are not alone experiencing these pains. When we share, we change the world. Alicia, look around us, the world is wounded. Numerous untold stories in this world have not been heard because they remain invisible. The Invisible are the poor, sick, and old. The invisible are the orphans and the underdog I was once before.
With little to no resources, I found the courage to have a voice when I decided to break the chain of poverty in my family, and I did. It’s truly a matter of finding the courage to do something new. To brave the unknown is nerve-racking, but if you’re willing to take the risk, why not? You might win. If not, at least you tried. Writing and publishing my book led me to touch many people’s lives. I made a difference, that’s all that matters to me. Alicia, we all need to be heard because I happen to believe strongly that no life is more important than others. Therefore, someone needs to help others be heard. Why wait for others when we can play a significant part to be the voice? It’s a noble job to write a book.
It’s noble indeed. When you and I spoke, you’re like, “I know there’s a book in me.” We spent a better part of the year creating the book and sharing your stories from your childhood in the Philippines, being a single mother, having an international business, and being who you are now and that is a breadwinner and a financial success story. You are touching others. I want to speak into that a little bit. You wrote a book. How do you feel that your book is touching others?
It’s truly fulfilling. It’s priceless for me. You can’t put a price tag on that. Thanks to you, by the way, because you were put into my life on time. When I was doubting myself to write a book, you came into the picture and you gave me that strength. Sometimes you have to listen, pay attention to all the people coming into your life. I said yes to you. What if I did not say yes to you? I would have buried that story of mine. Thanks to you because you have coached me in such a wonderful way of finding the courage to write a book, finding the courage to go out there and do some live shows. My book is spreading out to different countries. They’re sending me the pictures of their book and how their lives are being touched. For me, that is priceless. I’m making an impact in their lives and that’s what makes me excited. Alicia, thank you.
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You are indeed making an impact. What I love about you is that you bring together people. You inspire people. One thing I always say is that when you share your own story, you inspire others to do the same. That’s why I want to jump into some of the themes in your book. It’s called Lion at Heart: Discovering Courage and Greatness Within. I know that when you were creating the book, I was merely holding space for your greatness. When you were creating the book, we’ve spoken to affirmations, biblical scripture, being able to see ourselves as warriors, as lions and lionesses. What are some of the significant themes in the book so we can inspire our readers?
My book, Lion at Heart, is about discovering courage and greatness within. A lot of people don’t know how to discover their courage. They can’t find the strength to discover that they are warriors in life. Therefore, that greatness within themselves is buried within them. That’s the theme of the book, discovering courage and greatness within. As I have found my courage, I wrote it and sharing it through writing. It is written to inspire my readers to focus on three important aspects of our lives. It is a leadership, a personal and spiritual growth book. Growth is much needed in all these three areas, Alicia. We need to attain equilibrium in life, meaning achieve balance in life. We can’t grow in leadership without growing our spiritual side of life. The same is true that we cannot grow personally without achieving leadership growth. It is all intertwined together like a rope. A life neutralized by prayer is essential to every aspect of our growth. That’s my personal opinion.
This book resonates with numerous people who are struggling in life and facing adversities. Many people give up in life because they stopped believing in themselves and they do not see the road ahead. I get it. They’re afraid to brave the unknown. The word success does no longer exists in their vocabularies. They believe that it is no longer possible to fight against all odds. My book helps people to discover their inner strength and courage back again potentially. When they read my life story of success, they will discover how I achieved victories despite numerous hurdles in life. My book tells the readers to never disregard their hardships in life for hardships are the ones that can shape us well. There is hope.
Speaking about how you and I started together, you heard me on a webinar that I did. You reached out to me and we jumped on the phone. As you were saying the story inside of you and this theme, people will see how stunning you are as a human being. You have a small frame. You have this fiery lion inside. Something interesting in our work together is what comes up when I work with you and a lot of people is this fear of being seen or fear of standing out and something that you mentioned is doing Facebook Lives.
You were fearful when you did your first Facebook Live and that’s powerful. You have been doing it consistently, Facebook Lives, and bringing together quite a big community of people who know, like, trust you, and members of your business community. Because of you being consistent and creating a platform for other people to share your story, you have turned from fearful to faithful. I would love for you to talk a little bit about that journey of accompanying your book launch with that live video platform. Tell us what that created in you.
I admit that I’m a good student, but I give back the credit to you because you are an excellent teacher. You have that powerful way of empowering your student. I was empowered by you. You have a way of allowing me to be courageous when I was scared. That’s a great gift coming from you. Not all teachers and mentors will be able to bring out the best in their students. Sometimes they put down their students. That gift of yours put such great value in my success in writing this book. All the rest is a record-breaker.

AL 30 | Lion At Heart
Lion At Heart: Sometimes you have to listen, pay attention to all the people coming into your life.

I was already interviewed by ABS-CBN. I also was featured in the Phil-American, New York Magazine. I was interviewed by Thriving Women. We reached out to 150 nations during that interview. There are a lot of guesting and interviews because I was empowered. I was taking yeses when somebody wants to interview me and hear about this book. You played a vital role in this particular area of my life writing this book. I know for a fact that if you have a great book coach, you will conquer all the fears that you have inside of you. Look at me, I’m as brave as a warrior. I was brave before, but I’ve never been braver like this. The friendship that we have established is amazing.
Thank you. Take a look at you. I am impressed and excited about what you’re creating. What I’d love to jump in is a little bit about your story. Tell us a little bit about your story and the lessons that you have learned, a little bit from the book. We want people to go to and purchase your book and experience yourself. I’d love for you to share some of your story and some of the lessons that you’ve learned in your life.
For everyone’s information, originally, I’m from the Philippines. I’m the youngest of four siblings. I lived a life of extreme poverty. At age 25, I was summoned to take responsibility for my two parents and two grandparents. At 33, I became a single mom only after being married for three years. Blessed with my one and only son, I found a great reason to fight for something. With little to no resources, I broke the chain of poverty in my family and created a lifestyle. I’m happily married and have lived here in the US for several years. I accelerated more in life, established my own global company, which allowed my husband to quit his six-figure income in 2019 after his victorious fight with brain cancer a few years ago. God is good.
I became a motivational speaker, taking the stage of thousands. Finally, I became an author of this book, Lion at Heart, published in June 2020. With your outstanding coaching, guidance and beyond that, I found a great movement, Alicia. I am pioneering the LION AT HEART Freedom Journey Movement, which brings inspiration and hope to many. We have accomplished more than probably 50 segments already since I’ve launched the book. It’s fun, rewarding and noble. We are growing ever so swiftly. They can catch up with us. We’re live on Facebook every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 6:00 PM Central Time. We welcome everyone. My life has truly changed. We’re free. My husband and I wake up together, travel together. When we found this success, we shared this with all the people that we love.
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I’m going to throw you a new question. Working with you took a new direction in my business as I work with women who are servant leaders. I would consider you the avatar of most of that servant leader. We shared a little bit, but you donate significantly. You have an orphanage. It’s an actual orphanage that you partnered with in the Philippines. You are committed to philanthropy, service, focusing on others. I’m inspired by women leaders who are servant leaders. Someone that I’m completely inspired by is Mother Teresa. I know that she’s an inspiration to you as well.
Like you.
I want to acknowledge you because you are internationally doing this and not only mentoring business leaders here in the United States but your philanthropic and service work in other countries and here as well. Let’s talk a little bit about servant leaders. How would you inspire a woman out there or anyone out there who wants to give back to the world, but maybe it doesn’t feel that they even have the time or the resources to do that? What would you say? What would be some of your words of inspiration to them?
For me, my great advice would be when you become successful, you always have to be grateful for the achievement and the success. You have to find a way to give back or to pay forward. For me, it’s automatic. When I reach success in my life, in every stage of my success, I always look back to where I come from. It’s not that I’m living in the past. I came from poverty. Now that I’m successful, I can be one of those people that support impoverished children. I can make a difference in their lives. I can be a great example for other successful women. It’s not a matter of being successful, being known, being there on the stage, having that money and lifestyle. It’s not about that. It has to be reconnecting back to yourself.
Yes, you have achieved success. What now? What’s the next step? It’s time to give back. It’s time to share your blessings and remember where you came from. That’s the noblest thing to do. Never disregard where you come from. Always be thankful. Always be grateful. If you are grateful, more blessings will come and you will attract people around you. You might be inspiring other successful women. It’s not just about lifestyle, but it’s also about being the philanthropist that they could be and making a difference and making other people happy and be a part of that blessing that they receive.
I did want to acknowledge you for that because I am inspired by your service. The book is out. I know that this process of writing a book was powerful for you. Do you recommend that other people write a book?
Absolutely. I’m bringing them over to you. Everyone in this world has a story to be told. Unfortunately, numerous untold stories are burned in silence. The same is true as saying there are numerous unsung heroes. Writing a book is liberating. I never thought of it until I wrote my book, Lion at Heart. I’ve changed and inspired numerous lives. It is humbling. It is fulfilling. One day, I woke up and told myself, “I’m making a difference. I am an author.” This is one of the best, if not the best accomplishments I’ve had in life. It’s not the money I’ve made, not the title I got, not the recognitions I received, but the fact that I touched many people’s lives as they share their testimonies, that’s when I know I have done a great job. Making an impact in someone’s life and leaving a mark here on Earth before we pass is priceless.
I encourage everyone who is reading, you need to begin writing down your stories. My advice is to start writing down one aspect of your life and that’s the first chapter of my book, walking through the darkness. Every one of us experienced darkness in life. We all experienced many long winters in some of our times in our lives. Why don’t you write it down and share your pain, hardships, struggles in life? Share also, in that writing, how you overcame those barriers in life and how you found your inner strength. That can be a powerful story of victory, which the world needs. We can give hope and perhaps save lives. When you start writing some of your powerful experiences, later on, go to Alicia and seek her help. Her stuff is amazing. I will write another book at some point. It might be a compilation of my LION AT HEART Freedom Journey pioneering members. They have beautiful stories. We can compile it in one book. We will have the second part of Lion at Heart.
What a way to create a platform and to support other people in sharing their stories. Sometimes people need a little push to be able to do that. Those compilation books are great for someone who might not be confident enough to write their book but want to share their story. I would love to work with you on that. Another question I have for you is one that I’m going to put out there because it was something else I was inspired by you. Did you find the book writing process therapeutic, cathartic?
Yes, it is therapeutic. When I was writing the chapters of my book, I saved time to write a book after a long day’s work. I find myself meditating. I don’t write my thoughts without finding solitude. It’s therapeutic because it feels like I’m reconnecting with my soul. I’m reconnecting with the Divine Being. It’s a miracle that when you begin meditating, praying, all of a sudden, the words are coming instantly. I can’t even stop typing, Alicia.
I don’t know if you understood what I’m trying to say. My thoughts are pouring. It’s a miracle. It’s therapeutic in a way that I even cried as I’m writing each chapter of my book because it’s purifying. My soul is connected with my book and it brings out the best in me. My past experiences, whether it was hardships, a victory, it doesn’t even matter because I was growing and I was feeling emotional. I found bliss writing this book. Talk about therapeutic, it’s bliss writing a book. Try it, all of you who are reading this. It’s the most therapeutic way of coming into your sense of being and that’s why I highly recommend that each individual should start writing a book.
Thank you for your sharing that. Because of you, I have a new website called I had another woman who I’m going to be working with and she found out about me through another client. She saw my Bestseller in a Weekend website and all my marketing, business and leadership stuff. She’s like, “You are more than that. You’re creating breakthroughs.” This is what she was saying to me, she goes, “Please do some marketing on the work that you’re doing with women and the book writing process.” It started with you and then she gave me that idea. I launched Book Writing As Therapy and it’s a way for me to connect with my clients and use the book as a therapeutic journey as you experienced as well. Thank you for that.

AL 30 | Lion At Heart
Lion At Heart: “Lion at Heart” is about discovering courage and greatness within.

That’s powerful. I’m excited. It is therapeutic.
How about you share maybe 1 or 2 other lessons that are in your book with the readers so they can get a sneak peek of what they will experience when they purchase Lion at Heart?
For me, always seek advancement, seek for growth. My book, Lion at Heart, is also about leadership. We all need leadership growth. We all need personal growth and spiritual growth. My readers truly love it. These three important aspects in our lives must be entwined together and we must discover a way to improve upon ourselves each day, each week, month, year. We cannot be the same person as we were before. We must grow and achieve to become a better version of ourselves. How? You ought to work for it. Seek help, surround yourself with people who raise your standards and not lower them. Sit with the winners, watch and listen, the conversation is different.
It’s seek to grow, understand, know. That’s all about up-leveling every stage of your life from taking care of your family, being the breadwinner. Look at yourself, you have a large capacity to inspire and motivate massive amounts of people at a time. I was at your book launch party and I don’t know how many people were there. There were dozens and dozens of people in cocktail dresses. This was during quarantine. People celebrating you. I want to acknowledge you, Kai, for having a large capacity to inspire and to hold space for people to be their best selves and be able to harness their courage and harness their greatness.
I launched my book during COVID. For me, I was scared again, “It’s the wrong timing to write a book.” The first launch of the book, we have 3,000 viewers. It was amazing. Thank you for hosting that online launch. It was also followed by a book signing online and it was incredibly fantastic. It was a hit.
It shows who you are. You magnetize all this greatness and all of this fantastic community. I want you to share your favorite lesson in the book. Leave our audience with one of your favorite lessons from Lion at Heart.
My favorite lesson is never to disregard your hardships in life. Never disregard yourself us invaluable. You are valuable. We’re all valuable. We are children of God and therefore seek for your greatness because you will find it. Never become defeated. You are a warrior in life. You are a Lion at Heart.
Everyone should be inspired. Go to and purchase Lion at Heart. Join Kai’s community. She has a wonderful community of business leaders, motivational leaders and servant leaders who are doing great things in this world. How can people find out more about you, Kai?
They can go and check my website at They can download a free chapter of my book on that site. They can also order the book on that site. They can order our amazing and unique Lion at Heart t-shirt. We got long sleeves and short sleeves. I feel invisible when I wear this t-shirt. You are going to wear this for a good cause because 10% of the proceeds of the sale of this book and t-shirts is going to go to Saint Rita Orphanage and also to our Priesthood Mission in the Diocese of Tanzania.
I also have a LION AT HEART Freedom Journey Movement group on Facebook. It’s live every second and fourth Saturday of the month. Please join us and look for Kai Hayes or LION AT HEART group on Facebook. We welcome you all. Lastly, I’d like to thank you, Alicia, for your remarkable book coaching that you have done for me and numerous others and for helping us to grow, inspiring us to discover our ability to write a book, for your outstanding staff and most of all, your friendship. You are an amazing human being and I am blessed to know you.
Thank you so much, Kai. The most gratifying thing in the work I do or gratifying experience is working with powerful people and supporting them and getting their message out in the world. I am all about creating and amplifying voices and I know you are, too. I am happy to have supported you to touch many souls out there. It’s wonderful to connect again.
We’ll connect even more. We’re still going to work on another book.
Yes. There are some other things that’s brewing. Everyone, thank you so much for reading another episode of our show. From the pages of a book to real life, this is what we’re talking about. I am excited that you were here to experience this. Be well, everyone. Thank you so much.
Thank you very much, Alicia.

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About Kai Hayes

AL 30 | Lion At HeartKai Hayes is a five-foot dynamo of energy, inspiration, and determination who once walked down the dirt roads of the Philippines.

Today, Kai walks across the stage to inspire crowds of thousands with her secrets to Personal, Spiritual and Leadership growth which lead her to financial success and an amazing Lifestyle.
Today, Kai is mother to her only son Nico, two stepchildren Grant & Michelle, and married to the love of her life, Greg. Together, they give back by running the Bridge of Hope Ministry to help the impoverished children in the Philippines. She is dedicated to helping others achieve health, time, and money freedom.
Originally from the Philippines, and the youngest of four siblings, Kai Hayes lived an impoverished life. With little to no resources, she discovered courage and greatness within.
Kai’s determination to create financial freedom propelled her as she overcame numerous barriers in life to become a top corporate executive and established her own telecommunications business in Asia. Recognizing no limits, Kai continued to skyrocket forward and now became a successful global entrepreneur in network marketing.
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