Let’s get intimate

This year has been something else, personally speaking. I’ve gotten the chance to grow through bittersweet endings and new starts, and to learn how I can become a better mother, business owner and friend.  

I’d like to invite you on the journey with me, through my new video series, Leading With Intimacy

Leading With Intimacy
First episode of Leading With Intimacy vlog series

The first video went live about an hour ago. Every other week, I’ll post a new video with a new story and lesson about how I changed my mindset, my outcomes and my life, and how you can too.  

Click here to see the first video, and make sure you “Like it” and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I’d really like to know what you think about it, would you leave me a comment?
I’ll be sure to respond.

To your success and greater intimacy, 


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