Karaoke for 7-Figure Entrepreneurs

I don’t now about you, but for the last few months I have been rubbing shoulders with 7-figure entrepreneurs.
To get to the next level in my business. I mean, why do it alone when I can just be mentored by someone who has already done it! I have to admit, over the last year I have been thinking a bit (dare I say it) SMALL, even though I have built a six-figure coaching business. Maybe because it feels more like I have owned a job rather than a business. So March of this year, I decided to step it UP, THINK BIG and surround myself with the SUCCESS I want to replicate. So it all started when I hired Victor – an extreme revenue coach. (I didn’t add his last name because I want him all to myself, he’s mine…mine… all mine. <<insert evil laugh here>>!)
Anyway, I digress, why did I do that?
To be challenged.
Okay now for the karaoke.
This past week, I was at Ken McArthur’s IMPACT event at Walt Disney World. On Saturday night, a group of us went to sushi, and after dinner and a few lychee mojitos, I decided to get on the Karaoke stage and cause some damage. I pretty much slaughtered Bare Naked Ladies’ “Brian Wilson,” but made up for it with my rendition of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” (bootie shaking and all, which was all caught on video!)
My karaoke experience + hanging at with the 7-figure crowd has taught me the following (and I’m eager to share):
1) My mentor, Victor taught me: “Don’t throw cash at a problem creativity can solve.” To that point, karaoke is a perfect example – FREE entertainment that is often more FUN and SATISFYING than paid-for entertainment. In your business, use your imagination, talent and creativity to increase cash flow. For example, rather that hire a bookkeeper or assistant, trade for this or hire an intern, respectively.
2) Adam Urbanski, mega mentor who spoke at IMPACT, taught me “How do you eat an elephant?? Answer: One small bite at a time. Setting high goals, like building a seven-figure business, can be daunting task when you don’t break your process into small steps. Karaoke can be daunting also, especially if singing in front of a raucous crowd of drunk convention-goers, until you look at it like this: 1) Fill out karaoke form. 2) Walk over to the stage. 2) Hand form in. 4) When your name is called, get on the stage. 5) Sing 6) Get off stage. So, business is the same – one step at a time.
3) Joyce Jackson, another mentor I met at IMPACT, said one of the biggest problems of my business is that I was leaving money on the table. (Gulp (!) – got to change that). Karaoke speak= If I don’t get off my ASSet and sing, I won’t find out about the opportunities I am missing.
4) Eric (I forgot his last name) who was a cute 20-something Internet marketer (who is just killing it!) said something like: success has a formula, just replicate/follow what someone else has already done. Ummm… that’s what karaoke is all about… replicating success by singing international top 20 hits. You don’t have to write your own song or come up with a riff, all you have to do is just sing with own unique spin…
5) And, finally, I heard this concept from a few speakers this weekend: Just rinse and repeat. This means automate and systematize your business, so it is repetitive in nature, allowing you to delegate. Get that formula down. And plain and simple, the perfect karaoke formula is drink and sing, drink and sing and with practice you get better!

I enjoyed writing this and I hope you enjoyed reading it, but I know you won’t be satisfied until you ACTUALLY see the YouTube video, or what 7-figure entrepreneurs call “social proof.” (You will be the first to know if I release it to YouTube.com!)
I’m currently re-branding and gutting all my websites, so I would love you to follow me on Twitter (@AliciaDunams) until I get my act together. Heck, Rome wasn’t built in one day, and I figure it will take at least 7 days to be a 7-figure entrepreneur. So, stay tuned….