Is your book done yet?

Did you know that 80% of adults want to write a book, but
only 2% actually write one.
That means 78% of these folks are dying with a book in them. Eeeek!
(And, it’s not a pretty site – I have the autopsy photos to prove it!)
Rest assured, my friends, I’m not going to let you be a statistic.
I have just launched a new group coaching program
called “Write your Book, Market your Message, and Make more Money”.
This a holistic, comprehensive program that can help anyone,
in whatever stage of the game, achieve more exposure, more
credibility, and more profits through the writing, marketing,
and monetizing of their book!
The program meets two times a month over the phone for 60 minutes,
with each participant getting my indivdual attention to ensure their
personal and business goals are meet. So if you want the following:

  • High-paying consulting gigs
  • High-paying speaking engagements
  • Free exposure on TV, radio, newspaper, and online media outlets
  • Your own reality TV or radio show
  • More credibility as an expert in your industry
  • More clients seeking your services

.. you definitely want to take join this action-and info-packed program.
So to register for this monthly program, click here to find out more and subscribe.
If you register before May 15,  you will also get a private 30 minute monthly coaching call with me included with your program.

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