I dropped the ball…

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Earlier in 2017, I dropped the ball on a YouTube show I conceived and hosted called Go Deep: Intimate Interviews with Today’s Influencers.
Even though I attracted interviews with bestselling authors and influencers like Navy Seal/Author Mark Divine, Dr. Mark Goulston, and celebrity chef Devin Alexander, I didn’t quite have the fortitude to continue the show after some logistical “bumps in the road.”
Fast forward to today, and after several clients and colleagues encouraged me to pick up where I left off, I’m super excited to say that “we’re back (and better than ever).”

What I love about this video series is that I’m creating a platform for intimacy and connectedness, so the audience can get a raw and real interview as I ‘go deep’ with the guest.
In this week’s show, I interview Chris Lee, personal transformation trainer and author of Transform Your Life: 10 Principles of Abundance
and Prosperity. In it, Chris shares: (*time stamp)

  • 6:13* How creating boundaries is related to self worth…
  • 12:59* A special message for high-performing people…
  • 16:23* What habits create connection and intimacy…
  • 23:05* A powerful tool to reframe your perspective (don’t miss this one!)

NOTE: This episode contains life-changing tools, and is worth watching
in its entirety.
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