How Your Mind Manifests (Video)

A few weeks back, CapitalOne® sponsored a panel at my conference Wealthy Girl Summit, which featured Leanne Jacobs, International Speaker and Author of Beautiful Money and Christine Lu, Cross Border Investments, specializing in China/US Venture Capital, and Allison Duffee, Vice President, Business Partnerships at CapitalOne®.
The panel brilliantly establishes the importance of the “money mindset” and how to break through limiting beliefs — because, frankly, we all need a reminder of these manifestation tools.
Watch the video of the panel here:

In fact, we have the entire video collection from the conference compiled here.
How do you break through scarcity thinking to create abundance in your life? Let me know by leaving a comment.
P.S. Moving on to new content next week – just wanted to make sure you got the email with the whole collection. Here’s the link again.

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